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What class times do you come to most often?
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How many times per week would you say you usually come to the gym?
Do you have fitness/physical goals, in the gym and/or outside the gym?
If YES, please simply describe your goals:
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Is knowing your body composition important to you?
Have you ever thought about a personal program that was created specifically for you to help you achieve your goals?
Would you be interested in attending a 30 min body weight only CrossFit type class?
Would you be interested in attending a 45 min body weight + some kettlebell/dumbbell CrossFit type class?
Would you be interested in attending a competitive track class and completing training session that prepared you to perform during the CrossFit Open each year?
Facility Cleanliness
Pig Pen : so dirty
Godliness : the cleanest
not sufficient
all the best equipment!
so bad :(
it's great!
don't know much, super grouchy
approachable and full of knowledge
the workouts aren't fun and don't make sense to me
the workouts are fun and challenging, and hey I'm getting fitter!
Community Events
laaaamme, let's do something else.
I love the BBQ's, M's games, and holiday WOD's!
How many "community events" would you guess you attended? (BBQ's, Mariner's game, Holiday party, Holiday WOD's...)
Would you like to see more community events throughout 2019? Do you have different ideas for other community events that you would participate in? (a hike, a 5k, a kickball game...) Let us know!
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Other comments; (additional questions/concerns, likes/dislikes, stuff we should know)
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Name (so we can follow up about any of your answers :))
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