Smith's School Survey
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I enjoy being at school
I am excited about my future
If I have a problem, I have a teacher with whom I can talk
Teachers make an effort to get to know me
I push myself to do better academically
I have a teacher who is a positive role model for me
I have never been recognized for something positive at school
Teachers care about my problems and feelings
My teachers present lessons in different ways
Teachers recognize students who are kind and helpful
I want to do my best at school
I know the goals my school is working on this year
I think it is important to set high goals
Teachers make school an exciting place to learn
I am afraid to try something if I think I may fail
School inspires me to learn
Teachers have fun at school
I see myself as a leader
I enjoy working on projects with other students
I am a good decision maker
Teachers are willing to learn from students
I enjoy participating in my classes
I am encouraged to practice good citizenship at school
I believe I can be successful
I like challenging assignments
Students respect each other
School is a welcoming and friendly place
I learn new things that are interesting to me at school
School is preparing me well for my future
What I learn in school will benefit my future
Teachers care if I am absent
School is boring
Students respect teachers
Teachers enjoy working with students
Teachers help me learn from my mistakes
I work hard to reach my goals
I am excited to tell my friends my grades
I feel comfortable asking questions in class
Students are supportive of each other
Teachers care about me as an individual
I believe I can make a difference in this world
Teachers recognize me when I try my best
I give up when schoolwork is difficult
I put forth my best effort at school
Teachers encourage students to make decisions
I know the kind of person I want to become
I enjoy learning new things
Teachers respect students
Going to college is important for my future
My classes help me understand what is happening in my everyday life
I am a valued member of my school community
Students develop programs that improve the whole school
Adults and students work together to make our school better
Other students see me as a leader
My parents care about my education
Teachers let my parents know what I do well
I feel accepted for who I am at school
I think bullying is a problem at my school
Getting good grades is important to me
Students have a voice in decision making at school
Students work with adults to find solutions to school problems
I am proud of my school
I have difficulty fitting in at school
Learning can be fun
Teachers believe in me and expect me to be successful
Adults at this school listen to students' suggestions
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