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The Consultant '18

Consultants are experienced professionals who provide expert knowledge to solve the problems of a company.
They are the ones who can bring dramatic shifts in the management thinking and improvements in the performance of an organization!
The Consultant ’18 is the managerial event of Entrepreneurship Cell, VJTI that will provide you with
an opportunity to be the CONSULTANT of a Real world Organization, for a day.
Analyse the problems faced by the company, come up with an innovative solution and succeed.
Cash prizes worth INR 20,000 to be won!!

The Consultant
Event Description
The Consultant '18 will have 3 rounds:
🔸Round 1 : Submitting the solutions to the problem statements mentioned in this Google form.
🔸Round 2 : Selected teams will get to visit a real world company where they will be given an opportunity to analyse the Problem Statements given by a representative of the company. (Date & time will be notified by email or phone number)
🔸Round 3 : Participants will be given time to come up with creative, effective and innovative solutions for the problems from the case study and finally participants will have to give a detailed presentation on their analysis and solutions on the Final Event Day.(Date will be notified by email or phone number).

Shortlisted teams of Round 1 will be notified by email or phone number.
Participation:in a team of 1-4

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