Graduate Profile Survey -
1. Is it important for Zuni graduates to possess the following knowledge, values, and skills in order to have a successful personal and professional life?
Culture - Have knowledge of Zuni history, beliefs, and core values *
Language - Be able to communicate effectively (speak and understand) using the Zuni language *
Communication - Express information clearly and confidently, and listen to others. *
Computer Skills - Use commonly available technology basic computer hardware and software, search for information online, and produce new material. *
Critical and Analytic Thinking- Ask questions, compare and interpret information, identify connections, and problem-solve. *
Dependability and Reliability - Fulfill obligations dependably, show up regularly and on time, pay attention to details, and follow directions. *
Initiative - Go beyond routine expectations, be motivated, seek out new challenges, set goals, and work independently. *
Integrity - Ability to behave ethically, act fairly, accept responsibility for one’s decisions, and learn from mistakes. *
Interpersonal Skills - Show sincere interest in others, be approachable, and respect differences in perspective and culture. *
Lifelong Learning - Demonstrate a commitment to self-development and improvement of knowledge and skills. *
Mathematics - Count, measure, estimate, and apply basic math computations to practical problems. *
Perseverance - Strive to overcome barriers/set-backs, seeking assistance when needed. *
Professionalism - Maintain composure in difficult situations and keep a positive attitude. *
Reading - Make sense of written information, identify main ideas, evaluate and analyze the information, and integrate it with prior knowledge. *
Science and Technology -Use technology and scientific knowledge for practical purposes. *
Writing - Communicate ideas and technical information in written documents, using appropriate tone, clear organization, and good grammar and syntax. *
1. What knowledge, skills, and values are extremely important to a successful personal and professional life but are missing from the list above?
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2. What is your race or ethnicity? Check all that apply. *
3. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
4. Which best describes your position at work, if applicable? *
5. What is your gender:
6. What is your age?
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Do you have school aged children?
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