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The information can fill up by interested volunteer and interns to serve at Heart Beat Nepal Day Care Center, Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu
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Volunteer Rule and Regulation at Heart Beat

A. Terms of use:
This form is owned by Heartbeat, a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Nepal. By using this form, you (user/volunteer) signify you have read and agreed these terms of used.
Heartbeat is not liable for any loss or harm that happens during the time that you are volunteering. If anything happens during your voluntary work at Heart Beat, this includes any kind of stoppage/delay, bodily injury or death, emotional traumas, damage and loss of property, accident and during war and disasters. This form is created solely for propose of promoting and providing information about organization and its services. This form is operated by Heartbeat from its office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Some of the material on this form has been also contributed by our past volunteers and local project staffs.

B. Donation/Gift giving policy:
All donations and gifts will be channeled through Heartbeat. Organization will process your donation/gifts. All gifts items must be registered with details (Name of Items, number of items, application and condition). Medical items will not be distributed directly to communities/patents without prescription of supervisor or local medical staff even these items are registered at office of Heartbeat.

C. Required Documentation (depends on applyment):
You will submit your resume, photocopy of your Identity Card, photocopy of academic certificate (application for health/medical volunteer/intern), two passport size photographs and one recommendation letter. You need to submit all of your documents at least 1 week before placement.

D. Volunteering & Internships:
Internship placement:
To the interns, once you have joined the program, volunteering duration cannot be shifted or saved for next time/month/year. During your internship period, you are expected to submit a monthly report of your activities and achievements in Heartbeat, together with a full schedule after the same. Without submitting all of your reports, you won’t be able to complete your internship program.

If you want to volunteer at Heart Beat the minimum stay is 2 weeks. Volunteers are encouraged to work at least four days a week (32 hours). The volunteers need to inform for their absence in advance prior a day with valid reason.

E. Terms and conditions
In case of emergency, you should inform about your absence to the organization 2 days before.
By working at Heart Beat and agreeing with our terms, you agree to take full responsibility for your own actions.
You need to have a clear vision of what you want to do and achieve in Heartbeat.
For more efficiency and productivity, you are expected to arrive and work during the same hours as the other staff at Heart Beat.

You will be responsible for your personal expenses if you want to travel. During your volunteering duration period, if you wish to go for weekend for welfare project, prior information must be provided to project staff/host family/organization.

Heart Beat does not accept any discrimination in the organization. We accept everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion etc.

F. Organization’s legitimacy and your role:
Heartbeat is a Non-Government Organization registered with the government of Nepal.

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