Want to better engage your membership - and potential membership - in PTA this year?? This survey is a sample of questions that PTA leaders can use or adapt to improve. how they engage with their community - and figure out their "value add" during this difficult 2020-21 school year.
PTA is here for you!
We know that this is a difficult year for every parent, caregiver, and teacher in our community. We also wanted to find out how the PTA can help you navigate all of these challenges. How do you want to PTA this year?

Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey so that we can best help you make your child's - and every child's - potential a reality. You get a lot of surveys, so our promise to you is that we will 1) use the information you share in what we do and 2) report back to you on what we learned from all families and educators in our PTA community.
1. We are considering some NEW and IMPROVED ways to better support you this year. How interested are you in the following initiatives/activities?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not that interested
Not at all interested
Virtual parent-to-parent discussion groups
Virtual meet-and-greets with school staff
Parent newsletter on resources, updates, etc.
Virtual grade-level team meetings with families and teachers
2. Are there any other initiatives or activities you are very interested in this year? if so, please describe.
3. How interested are you in the following topics this year?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not that interested
Not interested
Mental/socio-emotional health
Online bullying
How to help my child with online learning
Testing/assessments this year
Racial justice
4. Are there any other topics you are very interested in the PTA helping address this year? If so, please describe.
5. To make room for even more relevant initiatives this year, we need to reflect on some of our initially planned activities. Please let us know what you think is the best way forward.
Pause - I can't imagine participating in this this year
Scale-back or revise - if this was a little different and less of a focus, it would still be relevant to me
Onward ho - this still feels like something valuable from PTA
Halloween Fun Fair
Mardi Gras fundraiser
International Night student showcase
6. How do you most want to PTA this year (check all that apply)?
Please share your e-mail address so that we can follow-up with you on Question #6 (unless you asked not to do anything else!).
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