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Please go thru the Self Help Guide First

Respond to the Questionnaire and request access to PhoenixAlgos on TradeTron
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Have you read the Self Help Guide ? *
I understand that Paper Trades will not match Live Auto Trades. *
When there is Spike (too much sudden movement of Index) - there WILL be Slippages. Say instead of 2.5k SL , it might end up been 2.8k while the execution of SL Exit happens at broker Terminal. Do you understand the Slippages during Spikes? *
Have you understood how to manage Error in Execution. How will you manage it ? *
Not Everyday we will be Closing in GREEN and there might be LOSSES (Drawdown - Back to back loss days) *
I understand that i should not intervene in the strategy while its in Execution. *
I understand the Risk involved and i will start with 1x for at least few expiries and increase the multiplier only after that *
With the Delays in Execution by TradeTron and the fast moving Premium and Spot Prices, NO two deployments of the same strategy will have same MTM / Results / ATM Strike. *
To address the variable margin requirements on a given day of a week and to handle the drawdown, ensure you have 20% extra fund / margin in your Broker account *
I understand that the TradeTron Platforms are not Managed by Team PhoenixAlgos and i will report TT Related issues to TT Support team *
For 5.x Series the Target and multiple entries are dependent on the VIX. Higher VIX, Higher Premium values - More theta decay opportunities. *
For 7.x Series : Please confirm you understand that 7.x series places two Straddle Orders. One at market and one using Limit Orders. *
For 7.x Series : I understand that since TT can't Process Paper trades, these strategies will not show up their results. *
I understand that the variable fees invoices will be raised on the last Friday of each Month (End of Monthly Expiry) - due over the weekend *
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