Family Social Emotional Education Partnership Index (F-SEEPI)
The Family Social Emotional Education Partnership Index (F-SEEPI) is a family-driven screening tool created to help schools and districts to gather necessary and prudent information about the students and families they serve prior to re-entry post Covid19. With this data in hand, schools can anticipate the needs of their communities in order to plan for and implement specific strategies and programs designed to meet these needs.

The screener has three sections:

Family Social and Emotional Wellness: Items in this section focus on the mental health and wellbeing of the student as well as the family as a whole.

Student Social and Emotional Wellness: Designed to elicit information about the family's perspective of how this pandemic has affected their child's social and emotional well-being.

Family Integration: Designed to highlight the family's perspective on engagement practices by the school. Included in this section are items specifically asking about a family's desire to engage more deeply with the school community.

The language and implementation of Social Emotional Learning is complex for families, students, and educators alike. This index will identify areas of past opportunity for partnership as well as current opportunities to build relationships from a shared understanding of the effects that this pandemic has had on us all.

This screener should be used prior to the return to school in post-COVID19 and can be utilized throughout the school year to gauge effectiveness of interventions.

This index has been developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic, an unprecedented event of our modern times, therefore significant data of the outcomes of it are still being compiled.

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