Call for NIST Summer 2021: Solve My Problem
In Summer 2021, the National Institute on Scientific Teaching will host a self-directed and collaborative Solve My Problem event. Our goal is to support the community in addressing common challenges concerning inclusivity, active learning, and assessment that span our disciplines and institutions.

For this event, we invite the NIST community to submit problems that you would like to work on this summer with a small group. An opening workshop will be held on June 22. Small groups will meet regularly online with a facilitator over the course of 4 weeks to focus on specific problems and develop strategies that participants can use in their courses. Solve My Problem will conclude on July 20 with a wrap-up workshop sharing strategies that have emerged.

You do not need to submit a problem in order to participate.

Sample Solve My Problem statements can be found below.

Deadline to submit form: April 20, 2021
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What level of involvement do you anticipate for Solve My Problem?
If you would like to submit a problem, please do so below. You do not need to submit a problem to be a participant. To view three sample Solve My Problem Statements to illustrate the format for submission click on the link below:

(Even if your pressing problem is similar to one of our sample problems, we encourage you to submit a problem)
Provide a short title description for the problem you would like help solving.
In a single paragraph, describe the problem with more details.
In a single paragraph, tell us more about the context of your teaching and learning environment. In your description please include information about type of institution, the learning context, online or in-person challenge, class size, student audience (level, type of course, discipline), and anything else that will help paint a vivid picture.
Keywords you would use to describe this problem:
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