iOSDocked Apple September Event 2014 Prediction Contest
The iOSDocked crew & our listeners will take the survey trying to predict what will happen at the September 9th Apple event. The loser of the group, Joe, Clay, Jerry or Danny, will buy one lucky listener with the most correct answers an iOSDocked t-shirt in his/her size and color of choice. You must answer all questions. Blank questions will earn you 0 points. Entrant with the most points wins! All entries must be in by September 7th 2014.
Demos #1 *
Will we see a Health kit and/or Home kit demo by a developer?
Android *
Will an Apple exec mock the Android platform?
iPhone Naming Scheme *
What will the iPhone naming line up be? - Must pick 3, 1 point issued for each correct name.
Demos #2 *
Will we see a preview of Infinity Blade 4?
iPhone *
Will Apple announce at least 2 new and different iPhone models with different screen sizes?
Sapphire *
Will there be a partial to full sapphire display on the new iPhone(s)?
Will NFC will be included on the next generation iPhone(s)?
Payment System *
Will Apple announce a new payment system alongside iOS 8?
Camera *
Will Apple increase the camera from 8MP or keep it the same with improved sensors and optics?
Apple Logo *
Will the Apple logo on the casing act as a glowing notification light?
Processor *
Will Apple debut a new processor with at least 1 new sensor?
iOS 8 *
When will iOS 8 ship (Enter your guess)
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Apple TV *
Will there be an Apple TV hardware update announced?
Existing iPad Models *
Will there be an update to the existing iPad lineup announced?
New iPad Model? *
Will there be a new iPad added to the product lineup?
iWatch? *
Will the "iWatch" or other wrist wearable be revealed?
iWatch Pricing *
What will the entry price for the wrist wearable be if announced?
New USB Cable *
Will Apple announce a new cable with reversible USB connector?
Tiebreaker *
Pick what phone each iOSDocked member will choose. You must pick the screen size, capacity and color for Joe, Clay, Jerry & Danny
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Please leave your Twitter handle or email address for entry into the contest. Thanks for playing and good luck!!
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