BOMBing Run 2020
All information for the BOMBing Run will now be on our website. To keep up to date on standings, timing of beers and styles, bookmark the BOMBing Run page.

Rounds and Beer Styles

While not a BJCP judged competition, we do want to set some guidelines for entry. Each style should aim to be within the listed style guidelines below. If you have any questions, please ask at our next meeting. You can refer to the style guidelines at

Round 1 - American Brown Ale (19C) - April Club Meeting*
Round 2 - Pilsner (2A, 2B, 2C) - July Club Meeting
Round 3 - Imperial Stout (20C) - November Club Meeting^

*The first round of the BOMBing Run will be a "technical challenge," in which all competitors brew the same recipe. This round will be sponsored by Eric Hartline and the Brew Your Own Beer homebrew supply store in Havertown. Eric will offer specials on recipe kits for this round. More information will follow for those who sign up.

^For Imperial Stout all variations are allowed with BJCP style 20C being the base - this is an anything goes category. Wood aged, fruited, sour, etc.

Rules of entry

1. Only 2020 General members (Paid) may enter.
2. Entries must be in the style given - see BJCP guidelines above.
3. One entry, per team, per style
4. At least 1 six pack of 12oz LABEL FREE brown bottles with PLAIN CAPS.
5. Entry registration ends at midnight on the day of the March club meeting.


In this year's BOMBing Run, we are allowing signups as individuals or as teams of two. This allows inexperienced brewers to mentor a new brewer, or for competitors with busy schedules to share the load. Both team members must be paid members of the BOMB. If competing as a team, identify a primary contact in the form below and indicate the second team member's name in the optional field.


Voting will be done via "crowd favorite" at the given monthly meeting.  Each person at the judging club night will receive 3 tickets and will vote for their favorite beer/beers.  At the end of the night the tickets will be added up and points will be assigned.

Winner will be determined by a point system (see below).  Points will be determined by how many participants entered the competition, not number of entries each round. Crowd favorite voting (3 tickets per guest to be used in any way)
Whom ever is ranked #1 at the end of the third round judging will be crowned winner of the BOMBing Run and hold the tile of said years The Bomb.

BOMBing Run Finals tie breaker goes to the member with the most over all votes accumulated throughout the year.
Competitors may skip one round without penalty, but it should be understood that this will hurt your chances of winning. Skipping two rounds will result in elimination from the competition.

Point System

As stated in the rules, points will be determined by how many members registered at the beginning of the BOMBing Run. For example, if 10 members enter competition, the most points you can earn, per round, is 10 points; 15 members 15 points so forth and so on.  Members will be ranked by points they earn after each round of voting is complete.  Points earned will equal the place you come in the night of judging. 

Example: 10 contestants
1st place 10 points
2nd place 9 points
3rd place 8 points
4th place 7 points
With eventually 10 place getting 1 point.
If there is a tie, points will be handed out for that place and the next rank will be determined by how many is in the tie.

Example: 10 contestants
If there is a tie for first place each competitor will receive 10 points with the next competitor being in 3th place receiving 8 points, etc. If 3 people tie for lowest tokens they would tie for 8th place and receive 3 points.
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