Down Dog Story Writer (Sleep Stories) Application
Application deadline: hiring on a rolling basis
Location: Remote 
Hourly Rate: $50/hour

Down Dog provides at-home fitness to millions of people all across the world. It's our goal to provide our users with updated content so they are always getting a new workout and are never bored. In order to do that, we are constantly adding new content into our apps, and we are looking for a new writer to join our team, focusing on Sleep Stories.

In our Meditation app, users turn to Sleep Stories to help them unwind and ease into a peaceful slumber. Your role will be to craft captivating narratives that are not only enjoyable but also soothing, designed to guide our users into a tranquil sleep.

With our global reach, you'll have the unique opportunity to craft stories that resonate with a diverse audience. We welcome a wide range of story genres, from enchanting fairy tales to humor-filled anecdotes, thought-provoking postmodern tales, heartwarming children's stories, captivating adult romances, maybe even intentionally boring soothing travel tales or nonfiction (like a history lesson).

What You'll Do:
  • Write a set number of Sleep Stories per week, helping our users find their path to restful sleep.
  • Enjoy the freedom to work on your own schedule, tailoring your writing hours to your convenience.
What We are Looking For: 
  • The right person for this role will be creative, persistent and self motivated. You should be excited about harnessing your creative talents to craft one-of-a-kind stories that bring comfort to people worldwide.
  • You should be an exceptional communicator (native fluency in English)
If you're excited about using your creative talents to help people find the peace and tranquility they need for a good night's sleep, we encourage you to apply. 
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Write a Story with Chat GPT
The reason this project is exciting is because we can use ChatGPT to expedite story writing. So you'll want to go to and make an account, and you'll be doing all your writing on that site.

To start, we explain to ChatGPT that we want its help to write a story by entering in this prompt: 

I am going to give you parts of a story, one part at a time. You will write each part as I give it to you. Each part should be 2000 words, do not write an ending for any part until I tell you to.

After entering this prompt, we then describe the first part of the story in brief terms, and then watch as it writes it out for us. Then you write Part 2, Part 3, etc, until you feel the story is done.

This is an extremely creative process - you can ask it to make changes to what it wrote, you can edit your original prompt to take the story in a different direction (or to prevent chat gpt from taking it in a direction you didn't like), you can ask it for ideas ("what are some reasons a witch would storm a castle?") and then incorporate those into your story, you can have specific quotes you want it to include in dialogue("not me, not hermione, YOU"), or you can ask it to describe the scenery or come up with three examples of something ("have the hero defeat three orcs in three different ways"). You can also directly edit the text it outputs. 

Here is an example of prompts and the output

And then here is the audio story that comes from that!
Please enter the original prompt into ChatGPT: 

I am going to give you parts of a story, one part at a time. You will write each part as I give it to you. Each part should be 2000 words, do not write an ending for any part until I tell you to.

Then write your story by using additional prompts for your story sections. Edit your story until it is in a place you feel is ready for submission. The final story should have between 4500-5500 words. Submit your response as a link to a google doc that includes both the final prompts you input & the outputs from ChatGPT.

Part of the joy of using Chat GPT for this is that we can write a 5000 word story in about an hour, so please try not to take any longer than that.
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