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Our 3-month (12 week) subscription is the perfect way to guarantee your supply of the freshest, most delicious kombucha. And you get a discount of 20% from retail prices! Choose from several convenient pick-up locations. It's good for your gut, helps your immune system, and tastes oh so yummy!

Have your kombucha delivered to you each week as part of my Home Delivery program* or pick it up from a participating farm stand.

Full Subscription: 6 x 16 oz bottles of kombucha per week for 12 weeks - $300
Half Subscription: 3 x 16 oz bottles of kombucha per week for 12 weeks - $150

A Delivery fee of $5 is added for each week you choose to have your kombucha delivered*. If you choose to pick up the kombucha at one of the farm stands, there is no additional charge.

*You must live within the delivery range. That is south of Rt 195 in Massachusetts between Wareham and Somerset.
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What flavors of kombucha would you like in your subscription? The current flavors are: Original, Chai Spice, Ginger Apple Beet, Ginger Ale.
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