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Submitting your images
For a real wedding, you can submit a link to the photographer's blog post OR a full set of images via Dropbox or similar.

Image specifications:
Images can be resized to 1500px across minimum (a little larger is okay too, if you prefer). NB: Please make sure that portrait images are also 1500px across the bottom, to ensure better photo selection. If you’re using BlogStomp, select 2250px as your size. If you have already put images into collages of two or more, please send the original, separate images as we are likely to combine them differently.

Please do not include any watermark or captions embedded in the photographs' metadata.

For a wedding, anything from around 65-150 pictures is perfect - please don't send us all 900+ images from the day. Please be sure to include clear pictures of the following: the bouquet, the tables (more is better!), the bridesmaids, the decor and any interesting or unusual details as well as the general images from throughout the day. We're unlikely to publish posed family pictures, or multiple late night dancefloor shots, so you can leave these out of your final selection. Although some black and white shots are okay, please focus more on colour, especially for decor.

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(For Dropbox, please name the folder using YOUR name - we get hundreds named 'SouthBound Bride', 'SBB' or 'Gaby' ;) ) )
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