Master Survey - 4 Star Casting - 7.31 - 8.25
UPDATE: MAY 17TH 2017 - The survey now requires users to be signed into a Google account. (The same one you already use for Gmail, Youtube, or your Android phone) In fact most of you are already logged in and won't notice anything different. But now you will be able to click back into this survey at any time and update your availability or any information you submitted! So please remember to update your availability as you get booked on projects or your schedule changes. This will prevent you from receiving BOOKED TO WORK emails for dates you are no longer available. Just make sure that you go through the entire survey again and hit submit at the end! Moving forward this way will prevent extras from being booked on multiple shows the same day as it eliminates duplicate submissions in our database. If you are trying to register for multiple family members you will need to sign into multiple Google accounts. Thanks!

Hi All!

In an effort to consolidate submissions and cause less confusion, we are now offering one Master Survey for all 4 Star Casting projects. (Currently casting for Showtime's The Chi and Shameless, Fox's Empire and various commercials) Filling out this one survey allows you to submit for all or selected current 4 Star Casting Projects. It is our sincere hope that this will prevent both you and us from making double bookings, leaving one show empty handed and everyone very unhappy.

Note: Filling out this survey for 4 Star Casting does not guarantee employment.

Note: You must be 16 and older to fill out this survey. If you are parent trying to submit their child, visit our website at for more information.

Note: Fill out the survey via a computer as you will be renaming photos to upload at the end of the survey. While there are ways to rename photos on mobile devices, it involves an advanced workflow.

There are 3 steps involved in working on the show:

Here's an explanation of what those steps are!

A few days before each episode shoots, you will receive an availability check for the dates we need you. You will need to respond with your availability for those dates ASAP. Or just complete this survey with your availability so we already know if we can book you.

An availability check does NOT mean you are booked!

Once we receive everyone's availability, we will book people based on the needs of the production for those days.

If you are booked, you will receive a BOOKING EMAIL. It will give you the details of the days you are booked to work. You must respond to your booking or you will be replaced.

If you respond to the AVAILABILITY CHECK and don't receive a booking email, it means that you are not needed for that particular episode. If you don't work on one, it doesn't mean you won't work on the next one. We will do our best to get a booking email to you no later than 48 hours of the shoot date.

The day before your booking you will receive your CALL INFO. You can expect this email to arrive some time between 8:00PM and 12:00AM. This is because we do not get the official call times until they are finished filming on that current day. When you receive your CALL INFO email you are REQUIRED to respond. This is how we know you have received the information and that you will be there.

If you have any questions you can contact us about the survey at

Thank you,

The 4 Star Casting Crew

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