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Who we are
GlobalCures is a non-profit medical research organization made up of scientists and doctors who have been personally affected by cancer and are committed to helping cancer patients. One of our missions is to disseminate information about safe, readily available, and inexpensive off-patent drugs and supplements that may extend survival and improve quality of life.

This questionnaire is part of the FIND program and it helps us to provide information about promising therapies. It is quite short and should take less than 15 minutes to complete.
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By answering a few questions about your diagnosis, GlobalCures will provide you with a list of promising therapies and their supportive literature. Promising therapies are scientifically sound ideas for which there are limited human studies or data from animal research.
The SHARE Program *
The SHARE Program is a collective, patient-driven discovery effort. By donating your data, GlobalCures will be able to combine it with other patient shared data and analyze it to uncover novel ideas for therapies that can be tested formally in clinical trials.
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