Poetry or Fiction Workshops

Creative writing interactive four hour workshop in Poetry or Fiction.

Facilitated by Ni'mah Ismail Nawwab

The workshops will be conducted in English. Work submitted during the session can be in both English and/or Arabic.

Poetry will include poetry composition, perfecting performance and exposure to world poetry as well as editing.


Fiction will include how to structure a plot, develop characters, and story arcs with editing and publishing advise.

Based on majority responses, poetry or fiction will be chosen for the workshop.

Age - Sessions are available to participants ages 16 and above - levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced

Arabic samples of written work can also be generated but communication is in English during the session, with translations if needed.

* NOTE: After filling and re-checking your information for accuracy, kindly check your WhatsApp or your Instagram for registration details and venue.

You will be be notified in advance of date and further information .
You will receive a status message as a first response.

This is the first registration step. The second step will follow after form is filled out.

Will be paid prior to the start date. Non-refundable. Fees will be communicated via message.

Bio data of facilitator can be viewed at https://nimahnawwab.org/workshops/poetry-and-creative-writing/
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