2019-2020 WHS Band Camp Registration Form
Completion and submission of this form along with a non-refundable minimum deposit of $50 is required for participation in the Waverly Warrior Marching Band. The total cost of camp is $275 (which includes the $50 deposit). Shoes if needed are $25 additional.

Payments may be made via Paypal on the Waverly Band website (add link to website), or send check or money order to:
Waverly Band Boosters, PO Box 80982, Lansing MI 48908 made payable to 'Waverly Band Boosters'.
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If you are in Color Guard, please type "Color Guard" in the box below.
If you are unsure of your instrument, please type "N/A" or "Unknown" in the box below.
If you are in Drumline or Pit, please type "Percussion" in the box below.
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