5K Yoga Beginning of the Year Parent Survey
This year is especially exciting in 5K! Each day our 5K class will do 10 to 15 minutes of a simple yoga practice during our Relax & Rest time! Our team of 5K teachers including, Mrs. G (Horizon 4K-5K), Mrs. Meyer (Horizon 5K), and Mrs. Walsh (Parkview 5K), will be teaching simple yoga poses and relaxation techniques to your child, as part of our research for our Masters project. We are asking you to please fill out the following survey to support our extensive research on doing yoga in the classroom.
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Does your child get at least 9-10 hours of sleep each night? *
How would you rate your child’s daily anxiety/stress level? *
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Very Anxious and/or Stressed
Is your child able to calm down quickly when they become upset?
How would you rate your child's ability to stay focused on a given task? *
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Always Focused
Have you practiced yoga, meditation or deep breathing exercises with your child before? *
Do you have any questions for us about practicing yoga in the classroom?
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