Milling about at Home
As we are all spending more time at home, some of us have extra time to pursue woodworking, home repair, crafts, engine repair and restoration, cooking, baking, yard work, gardening, reading, sewing, keeping a diary, local history research, and other pursuits.

Let us know what projects, hobbies, and pursuits you are working on at home. Maybe you have a simple tip, hack or recipe to share. By sharing your experience, you give the Hanford Mills community a chance to connect. When possible, we’ll link it to work that was done here at Hanford Mills. Maybe you are working to help others, we’d love to know about that too. "Milling about at Home" is a new and evolving project, and we welcome your input and suggestions.

Please send photos of your project to that Hanford Mills can share on social media.
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