Test Basic Unit 7
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I. Choose the correct word.
1. The .................... is the music of a film.
2.The person who organises the money for a film is the ............... .
3.The ............... is the story of a film.
4. The words of a film are the special ............... .
5. The best actors ................. an award.
6. A ................ man or woman does dangerous things in films.
7. They are ...................... a new film next month.
8. There are usually a lot of special ................... in science fiction movies.
II. Complete the table with noun of the verb given.
Example: suggest------> suggestion
III. Choose the correct words.
1.Most people think that .............is very important in the modern world.
2. You can find ...........about travel on the internet.
3. Our school has a lot of computer ..............
4 I don’t like watching .................on TV. They’re boring!
5. We need a lot of / for the party.
6. My brother’s favourite .................is his MP3 player.
IV. Choose the correct words.
1. We are not sure what time we / arrive.
2. Do you think you ......see Peter at the weekend?
3. .........be at the party on Saturday?
4. I’m sorry but we ........see you next weekend because we are going on holiday.
5. She .........pass the exam very easily.
6. I ............be late for school tomorrow.
V. Complete the sentences with the correct form of will and the verbs in brackets.

1 Do you think this film ______________ (win) an Oscar?
2 We probably ______________ (not go) to the party on Saturday.
3 I think they ______________ (make) another film together.
4 In the future people ______________ (travel) to different planets.
5 England definitely ______________ (not win) the next World Cup.
6 My brother probably ______________ (not be) at school tomorrow. He’s feeling ill
VI. Complete the sentences with the correct form of be going to and the verbs in brackets.

1 My father ______________ (buy) a new car.
2 What ______________ you ______________ (do) at the weekend?
3 The weather is bad but we ______________ (not stay) at home all weekend.
4 I ______________ (travel) round the world during my gap year before university.
5 ______________ you ______________ (see) the film that won all the Oscars?
6 She ______________ (not make) any more films with that director because she doesn’t like him.
VII. Choose the correct words.
1 What will you do if it ......on Saturday?
2 If the weather is good on Saturday, we .......to the beach.
3 If we .....to the beach, we’ll meet my friends.
4 I’ll watch TV later if I .........all my homework.
5 If she ........, she will be late for school.
6 If she is late for school again, the teacher .........very angry.
VIII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 If I ______________ (have) enough money, I’ll buy the DVD of this film.
2 ______________ you ______________ (come) with us if we go to the cinema this evening?
3 What will you do at the weekend if the weather ______________ (be) bad?
4 If they run, they ______________ (not be) late for school.
5 The teacher will be angry if we ______________ (not do) our homework.
6 I ______________ (not be) surprised if this film wins an Oscar.
IX. Read the text and circle T (true) or F (false).

The film director brothers

Joel and Ethan Coen are American film-makers. They write, direct and produce films together. Since 1984, they have made almost 20 films and have received more than 30 Oscar nominations. The brothers were born in Minnesota, in the USA. Joel was born in 1954 and Ethan in 1957. After finishing high school in Minnesota, Joel studied film-making at New York University and Ethan studied philosophy at Princeton University, in New Jersey. They made their first film in 1984 and first became well-known in 1987 with the film Raising Arizona, starring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter. They became famous in 1996 when they produced and directed the hit film Fargo, starring Frances McDormand, who is also Joel’s wife. She won a best actress Oscar for her performance in the film. Two years later, the Coen brothers wrote, directed and produced a film called The Big Lebowski, starring Jeff Bridges. In 2001, they made a black and white film called The Man Who Wasn’t There. A lot of film critics think this is their best film. Perhaps their most famous film is the 2007 western No Country for Old Men. In this film, one of the characters finds $2 million of stolen money and decides to keep it. Some other people are looking for the money, including Javier Bardem, who plays the part of a killer. Bardem won an Oscar for his performance in this film. In 2010, the Coen brothers directed and produced another western called True Grit. The film was nominated for ten Oscars but, unfortunately, it didn’t win any.
1 The Coen brothers are from New York.
2 They have made more than 20 films.
3 Joel Coen studied film-making at university.
4 They became famous in 1996.
5 They made The Big Lebowski in 1998.
6 True Grit was nominated for 20 Oscars.
X. Read the text again and choose the correct answers.
1 How many Oscar nominations have the Coen brothers received?
2 What was different about the film The Man Who Wasn’t There?
3 Who played the killer in No Country for Old Men?
4 How many Oscars did True Grit receive?

XI. Match the beginnings 1–5 with the endings a–e.
1 For me, Toy Story 3
2 In my opinion,
3 I think the special effects in that movie
4 One of my favourite films
5 For me, the best part of the film was

a) are fantastic. [ ____]
b) the end. I didn’t like the film at all! [ ____]
c) Avatar is an amazing film. [ ____]
d) is the best animated film of all time. [ ____]
e) is Shrek. [ ____]
XII. Order the words to make sentences.
1 film / a very sad / think / is / I / Ghost
2 opinion / a / director / is / in / my / very good / Spielberg
3 favourite / films / one / is / my / Gladiator / of
4 think / Johnny Depp / actor / an / I / is / amazing
5 me / the special effects / fantastic / were / for

XIII. Listen to the people discussing a film and choose the correct answers.

1 What is the film called?
2 Katie thought the songs were
3 Katie likes
4 Jason though the film was
5 How much did the producer spend on the film?
XIV. Listen again and circle T (true) or F (false).
1 Katie gave the film 5 marks out of 10.
2 Jason gave the film 3 marks out of 10.
3 Paula liked the main actors.
4 Paula was surprised by the ending.
5 Katie will definitely go and see Heroes 2.
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