English Panel Registration for G-Anime 2019 - Summer Edition
This is the English registration form to run a panel at our Summer Edition, G-anime 2019. Please fill out the fields below to the best of your ability. Thank you for providing content for this edition. Please note, we require that 2 panels are the minimum requirement for a badge refund, that will be provided the Sunday afternoon of the convention.
General information
This section will ask for your full, legal name, any nickname(s) you would prefer to go by, and the general details of your panel.
Your Full Legal Name *
Can be kept private if you wish. This is used for our records only. Your panel will NOT be accepted if this is left partially filled.
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Your Email *
Please provide your most checked, regular email. Double-check the spelling, as this will be our only means to contact you.
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Phone Number *
Please provide us with a phone number, for any follow-up questions from no-reply by E-mail.
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Co-Panelists *
Please put down the full names of your co-panelists each seperated by a coma.
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Which name would you like to be listed under? *
Please input names you wants shown on the schedual
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Name of Your Panel *
The name of your panel as you would like it to appear in the programming schedule.
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Description of your Panel (350 characters max) *
This is the description we will put in the programme. Please check your spelling as it saves us time and headaches. Thank you!
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What age rating is your panel appropriate for? *
This will help us place your panel and issue notice to the public about age appropriate content.
How long do you think your panel will be? *
Standard panels are 1 hour long. 2 hour slots will be granted based on panel needs.
Timeslot Availability *
To give us an idea of when you are available to host your pannel. Check as many as may apply.
Technical Details
Below are the technical questions about your panel, such as running time, equipment, and age rating.
How experienced are you with your topic? *
Overall, how well do you know the subject matter you'll be talking about?
Very Inexperienced
Very Experienced
What type of panel will you be running? *
This will help us set up the room and place your panel accordingly.
Will you require any of the following equipment for your panel?
Please check all that apply. All rooms come equipped with a computer on linux, a screen and a set of speakers, Also please note that panelists are to wait for the check-up crew for any inquiries of additionnal equipment.
If you answered "Other" above, please specify below.
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Miscellaneous Concerns
Little odds and ends you or we may care about.
When can you do your first panel? *
e.g:Saturday 10 am. Sunday 2PM
When are you leaving the convention? *
e.g:Saturday 10 am. Sunday 2PM
Are there any events you will be unavailable during?
e.g: The Masquerade, the Dance, late Sunday, early Saturday, etc.
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Do you have any allergies or medical concerns we should be aware of?
e.g: Peanut allergy, heart condition, clinical anxiety, etc.
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Are you bilingual and are you willing to translate certain terms during the panel?
We understand you will be delivering the panel in English primarily. Some audience members may not be fully fluent in English and ask for translation. Will you be able to do this? Don't worry if you cant! This is just nice to have.
For more information *
Please be advised that we will contact you by e-mail if we need more information concerning your panel, if you don't respond to any information request within 48 hours you will be forfeiting your slot in the schedule. For any further questions or for contacting me please write an e-mail to Johnathan.huard@ganime.ca;
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