OTF 2024 Season Casting Call

The Obsidian Theatre Festival centers Black stories, through  an invigorating celebration of new work by  emerging Black voices. Produced by Detroiters in the city of Detroit, the Obsidian Theatre Festival illuminates the rich diversity of experiences relevant to the African diaspora.

We have just completed our 4th Annual call for submissions, and our review panel is in the process of finalizing our finalists. As the plays are confirmed we will be casting from this call’s submissions. Selected content will be staged, rehearsed, produced, filmed and made available for viewing as part of a four-day festival in Detroit, from June 27 - 30, 2024. Pieces will be presented for live theatre audiences as filmed stage productions and streamed several weeks later, making the work accessible to a national and global audience.

Candidates within close proximity to the Detroit Metro area are strongly preferred.

The Obsidian Theatre Festival will be presented in 3 parts:

OTF Main Stage: 

Featuring full-length plays that examine the diversity of the black experience.

Musical Theatre Showcase: 

Staged readings of new musicals, highlighting an important step in the development of new work. 


Featuring nationally renowned artists in an intimate evening of music and storytelling. 

Please complete and submit this form. In addition, below you will see instructions on where to submit your Headshot, Resume and Video submission.

Please submit by Tuesday, February, 20th at 11:59pm EST

Audition Location:
Call backs will be held via Zoom beginning March 15th.

Rehearsals & Live Performances will be in Detroit, MI and culminate in streaming virtual productions.

Tentative Schedule:

OTF Main Stage
*Main Stage Virtual Orientation: May 20th
*Virtual Rehearsal Begins: May 20th
*In Person Rehearsal Begins: May 28th
*Tech: June 17th-21st
(Please note, each show will have one full day of tech on one of these days. Your assigned day of tech rehearsal will be a full day commitment)
*Performances: June 27th-30th

MT Showcase
*MT Showcase/Cabaret Virtual Orientation: June 9th
*In Person Rehearsal Begins: June 10th
*Tech: June 2024 TBD
*Performances: June 27th-30th 

*Weekly Fee $350


OTF Main Stage

BLACK SANTA by Aaron Mays:

*PATRICE PATTERSON: Mid-30s to early 40s, female identifying, Black. A third-grade teacher.

*PRINCIPAL SYLVIA WARD: Mid-40s, female identifying. Interim headmaster of Dartmouth Day School. 

*GABRIEL SPENCER: Mid to late 20s, Bi-racial (of Middle Eastern descent but racially ambiguous). An art teacher. 

*FRANK: Early 40s, male identifying. A seventh-grade teacher.

*SYDNEY: Early 30s, female identifying. A kindergarten teacher. 

*JOHNNIE LEE PATTERSON: Mid-60s, male identifying, Black. Patrice’s dad. 

CROOKED PARTS by Azure D. Osborne-Lee:

*WINIFRED “WINNIE” CLARK (1995): 12 years old, female identifying, Black. Experiencing upheaval for the first time in her life. 

*ANGELA CLARK/REPORTER: 30’s or early 40s, female identifying. Winifred’s mother. Expresses love for her family through acts of service.

*STEPHEN CLARK/FAN (1995): 8 years old, male identifying. Winifred’s brother, he loves to annoy his older sibling and fancies himself a cowboy.

*MICHAEL CLARK/FAN 1: Late 30’s or early 40’s, male identifying. Winifred’s father, an engineer.

*FREDDY CLARK (2013): Late 20’s, pre-op transman, Black. A writer going through a big breakup.

*STEPHEN CLARK (2013): Mid 20’s, male identifying. Freddy’s brother, life takes away his horse but not his white hat.

GOLDEN LOC by Prentiss Matthews:

*AZIZA WILLIAMS (ZIA) [ZEE-YA]: 10 years old, female identifying, Black. Beautiful dark-skinned child with locs in her hair.

*MAMA/OSHUN [OH-SHOON]: Female identifying, Black. The mother of Zia. She’s kindhearted and a devoting mom. Later in the show she transforms into Oshun the mother goddess of the river.

*QUEEN ZARI [ZAH-REE]: Female identifying, Black. The Queen guardian fairy of the Aziza Queendom. She’s fierce, bold, and a guarded soul.

*EMBER [EHM-BURR]: Female identifying, Black. A Fire fairy. She’s feisty and guarded but has her reasons.

*AMINA [AH-ME-NAH]: Female identifying, Black. A water fairy. She’s wise, empathetic, and kind.

*AIRIANNA [AIR-EE-AH-NAH] or AIR-REE (Nickname)/LITTLE GIRL: Female identifying, Black. A wind fairy. She’s whimsical, fun, and goes with the flow. Airianna doubles as LITTLE GIRL (NON-Speaking Role) who pantomimes her feelings. This character represents a past ancestor from Zia’s Blood Line.)

*AYANNA [AY-YAH-NAH]/LITTLE GOLDEN FAIRY: Female identifying, Black. A plant fairy. A grounded character that sees the beauty in nature. Ayanna doubles as LITTLE GOLDEN FAIRY (NON-Speaking Role) who pantomimes her feelings. This character represents the younger version of Queen Zari’s younger self.


*VICTORIA: Mid 30’s to mid 40’s, female identifying, Black. Well-healed, intellectual, direct, sophisticated.

*SANDRA: 60’s, female identifying, Black. Victoria's mother, a peacemaker and traditionalist. A high-profile museum curator.

*DWIGHT: 60’s, male identifying, Black. Victoria’s father, the dry scotch-drinking skeptic. The head of the history program at a prominent university.

*REBEKAH: Mid 30’s to mid 40’s, female identifying, White, Jewish. Wealthy, eco-conscious. Practitioner of expensive Whole Foods spirituality.

*RUTH/BUBBE ESTHER: 60’s, female identifying, White, Jewish. Protector of the status quo, always perfectly turned out in a pantsuit and pearls./Deceased, female, eastern European.

*BABATUNDE: Late 20’s to early 40s, male identifying, Black, Nigerian. Nationalistic Nigerian, outwardly friendly and condescending.

Musical Theatre Showcase:

TI’MON Book & Lyrics by Ashlee K. Thomas    Music by Ziyan Yang

*TI’MON: Tenor: C3 - Ab4, bright and youthful sound; 8 years old, Son of Tita. His first month of being reunited with his mother. She left him in France with his uncle at the age of 3 to save up for him to join her in the United States. Ti’mon stutters when talking with Tita. His stutter disappears when talking to Eshleem.

*ESHLEEM: Lyric Soprano: C4 - B5, bright and crisp voice; 8 yrs old. Ti’mon’s doll and imaginary best friend. They have been through thick and thin. With her help he has been able to survive homelessness in France. Eshleem wears an eye patch & walks with a limp - a bandage is tied on her leg.

*TITA: Mezzo Soprano: A3 - G5, mellow, soulful voice; 23 years old, Mother of Ti’mon. She left Haiti to make a new life for her family. First to France & then to the US. As the first one to make it to the states, she is required to save up money to send for her siblings and her son.

The Obsidian Theatre Festival accepts applicants of every identity, and does not discriminate on the basis of identity, including but not limited to:  race, creed, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, HIV serostatus, disability, height, weight, veteran status, marital status, or economic class.

If you have any questions, please email us at  casting@ghostlightinc.com

Visit us at www.obsidianfest.org.
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OTF Main Stage Only:
Two contemporary contrasting monologues, not to exceed 4 minutes total, that best shows your acting range. One comedic and one dramatic monologue. 


Musical Theatre Showcase/OTF Main Stage/Obsidian Cabaret: One contemporary monologue (not exceeding 2 minutes) and one 16 bar cut

Submission Items Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/PDgQupv7N1yhU1FAxzeP
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