Lynchburg Community Market Vendor Application - Farmers / Food Artisans
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If you expect to sell less than $10,000 annually, you do NOT need a City of Lynchburg business license.
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If baked goods are not made in an inspected kitchen you must meet all the labeling and other requirements of an uninspected kitchen. Note items that will be made for sale from an uninspected kitchen below.
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Reserved Vendor
You are considered a reserved vendor if:
• You sell at the Market at least 2 days a week during your vending season or
• You choose to pay rent year round even if you are not vending here in the winter season.

Reserved vendors are eligible to have a reduced, monthly rent for the time they are vending at the Market, and are given priority over new vendors during the next year’s selection of vendors. Reserved vendors may also vend on all days the Market is open at no additional fee.

Daily Vendor
You are considered a daily vendor if you sell fewer than 2 days a week at the Market

Daily vendors must pay the daily fee for all days they vend, and are allowed to vend on a space available basis. Daily vendor applications are not given priority over other vendors during the next year’s selection of vendors. Daily vendors may not vend at the market if their product does not add to the existing market mix.

Please note that Green Market Wednesdays are generally restricted to producer only products, and low or no-spray produce is encouraged.

Please check the days you plan to vend at the Market *
I understand that if I choose to vend only one day a week, I will pay a day rate and will be considered a daily vendor. *
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I understand that the Market is open five days a week from 7am until 2pm and I will strive to provide enough products to remain open until 2pm on the days I am here. *
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I have read and will abide by LCM vendor policies found in the Handbook including, but not limited to, the following: I will pay my rents on the day due - the last Saturday of the month for the following month, or on the day of, before I begin vending, if I am a day vendor. I will read, sign, and abide by, the vendor Standards of Conduct. *
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I will notify the Market office by Wednesday morning if I know I will be absent that following Saturday by telephone: 434.455.4485 and email to BOTH Ricky Kowalewski ( and Jennifer Kennedy ( *
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Vendor Fees (as of 2014)
All vendors’ booths contain an 8’-10’ long table. Outside vendors may rent an extra table and/or a tent for a fee as listed below.

Reserved Farm / Food Artisans

• $100/month Bay Door Booth; year-round
• $90/month Inside Row Booth; year-round
• $100/month (April-September)
• $50/month (October-March)

6 ft. table rental
$15/month or $5/day

Tent rental
$30/month or $10/day

Cooler space rental

Daily Farm / Food Artisans

Saturday booth rental
• $30/day (April-September)
• $20/day (October-March)
Wednesday booth rental
• $15/day (April-September)
• $10/day (October-March)

6 ft. table rental

Tent rental

Cooler space rental

Tent and extra table rental policies
• There are a very limited number of tables and tents available so reservations must be confirmed and paid for ahead of time.
• Outside vendors may rent tents and extra tables if reserved by Wednesday of that week for Saturdays, or by noon on Tuesday for Wednesday market.
• Daily vendors must rent by the day.
• Reserved vendors may rent by the day or by the month.
• Daily rent is due before set-up on the rental day.
• Monthly rents are due the last Saturday of the preceding month along with Market space rent.
• There will be no refunds.
• Outside vendors have ONE space allotted at their booth.
• Inside Bay door vendors have an assigned parking space adjacent to their bay door.
• All other vendors may use the temporary loading spaces to load and unload their products and then park off the Market lots to allow for customers to park.
• The City of Lynchburg does not monitor Saturday parking on streets, but they do ticket the Market lots based on posted signs.
I have read and agree to abide by all policies of the LCM as stated in the LCM Handbook. A copy of the LCM Handbook can be found at or by request at the LCM Administrative Office.
I certify that all the information contained in this application is true and correct and that supplying false or misleading information is grounds for the termination of the applicant’s lease. *
Please note that your signature denotes acknowledgment and acceptance of rules and policies by all employees of your business.
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