Mt Buller Race Club 2018 Application Form
Mt Buller Race Club 2018 Application Form
Thank you for choosing to apply for our 2018 MBRC Program.

This is the application form for Race Training Participant and Parent/guardian membership of the MBRC.

This application will take up to 20mins, and should be completed with both the athlete and parent present. All applications must be completed online and will not be considered complete until the deposit is received.

Applications will be considered in accordance with the MBRC Rules, the MBRC member application process guidelines, the date your application is received, there being sufficient numbers in each group and you meeting the skill level and entry criteria being met. Further details can be found in the 2018 Program Launch document.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application. If your application is successful you will be required to pay the balance of your squad fees in full by 31 March 2018 and your applications for participant and parent membership of MBRC for 2018 will be complete. If your application is not successful your deposit will be refunded in full.

All fields marked with * are required. If those fields are left blank, your application will not be submitted.

Critical Information For Athletes and Parents
1.1 Fees for seasonal programs include tuition hours according to the program launch document. These hours may include indoor training and activities as specified by the coaches or supervisors.
1.2 As a result of upfront non refundable costs involved in MBRC training, no discounts, credits or refunds will be issued for non-participation or missed program days, due to weather, illness, or other voluntary or involuntary circumstance for cancellations received after the applicable final payment due date.
1.3 Program fees do not include lift access. Lift passes must be purchased separately. It is the responsibility of each participant to bring their B-TAG (loaded with lift access) with them each program day in order to access the lifts, and to abide by the rules and terms of use of the lifts and lift access.

For any cancellations received within 30 days before the applicable final payment due date, the entire deposit will be forfeited, in addition to up to 100% of the total amount paid. Please understand that our cancellation policy has been devised for a reason and while we sympathise with those that have to cancel, we cannot under any circumstance change our policy to suit an individual’s circumstance. We recommend an insurance policy that will cover loss of fees.

3.1 MBRC highly recommends that you take out a high level travel insurance policy that covers loss of squad fees due to sudden illness or serious injury, skiing and snowboarding on and off piste, and competitive skiing and snowboarding if required.
3.2 Further, MBRC recommends Ambulance Victoria Subscription.

4.1 MBRC will provide NEW 2018 members with a MBRC Karbon Team Jacket. The cost of the jacket is included in your squad fees and supported by our sponsors. If you need to replace this jacket it will be at market value. The jackets remain the property of MBRC.
4.2 Team jackets or MBRC training vests are to be worn when participating within the MBRC Seasonal Programs during program sessions.
4.3 Every attempt will be made to fulfil your specified jacket size request, however in the unfortunate situation that this is not be possible due to insufficient stock the closest next size will be issued. The Karbon sizing guide can be found at
4.4 2017 MBRC members are required to continue using their existing jacket.

5.1. Seasonal program fees include the following event entry fees:
- Buller Cup
- King of the Mountain Series - GS, PGS & SX/SBX
5.2 Seasonal program coaches may enter seasonal program participants in additional events conducted at Mt Buller. Program participants are then required to pay individually for those entry fees.

6.1 Participants are matched with the appropriate coach and group at the discretion of the MBRC Leadership Team (Program Director, Alpine Head Coach & Performance Coach, Snowboard Head Coach & Performance Coach). Changes to the group structure may be made to groups after the start of the program.
6.2 Every attempt will be made to keep the same coach for each group throughout the entire season. However, MBRC reserves the right to substitute coaches due to illness, injury or other situations deemed necessary by the Program Director.
6.3 Customized program requests are not possible. If athletes miss certain days/weeks during the program period, these hours will not be credited.

7.1 There are two scheduled days off during the July School Holiday - dates to be confirmed prior to program commencing and will be at the sole discretion of the Mt Buller Race Club.
7.2 During the VIC Interschools competitions (21st - 27th August), all programs have scheduled days off.
7.3 The Snowboard Full-Time program will operate on Saturday & Sunday full days, with a scheduled day off on Mondays.
7.4 The Alpine FIS Full Time program is planned to operate during term 3 on Saturday morning and Sunday full days, with a scheduled day off on Mondays.

Participation in MBRC is subject to the MBRC Rules and the program policies, which can be found on our website

Acknowledgment*: I have read and understand all sections of Critical Information For Athletes and Parents. By continuing with this application, you acknowledge and agree to all points and apply for MBRC membership in accordance with the MBRC Rules. *
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