2019 Sorting Quiz
Please make sure you use the same email that you use on Advanced Scribes - it does NOT matter if you can access said email or not, it's merely our way of finding and contacting you on AS to alert you of your House. Please do NOT retake the test if you have not gotten a reply back. If no one has messaged you of your House after a week, please contact the Admin Aide.
Email address *
It's a lazy, rainy Friday evening. What are you most likely doing? *
What instrument is most pleasing to hear? *
If your friends are in need of support, are you most likely to.... *
What element do you associate with most? *
What kind of friend do you try to be? *
Are you most in tuned with... *
What do you find most excruciating? *
What kind of friend do you prefer? *
What kind of canine companion do you want? *
What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? (if you're interested in learning your type, go to 16personalities.com) *
What sin embodies you? *
What virtue embodies you? *
What's in your room? *
How do you handle your worst memory? *
Your favorite kind of novels include.... *
What item draws your attention? *
Something you desperately need to learn is... *
What would you hate most to be? *
What fantasy class would you be? *
What's a pet peeve you have about others? *
How do you handle rejection?
What is your favorite thing about the 18th century? *
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