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I consent to my child taking part in school zoom meetings and have read the guidance for parents. I will ensure that my child is adequately supervised during the zoom meetings. I also understand that a temporary video recording of the meeting will be made. *
Rules and Expectations for Zoom
• Adults (over 16) must supervise children when they log on, be in ear-shot or in the same room during the session.
• Please allow your child to sit in a quiet area of the home so that any outside noises do not provide a distraction. If they have any siblings, please ensure that they do not interrupt the call as this makes it difficult for anybody else to hear what is being said.
• Disable any other programs that use pop ups- e.g. Facebook Messenger/ advertisements so that there is no risk of other content appearing.
• Children should remember to be kind, friendly and safe during the call. All language and behaviour needs to follow the school rules.
• Passwords, ID and links for the meeting must not be shared with anyone else.
• The meeting should be held in your own home and not in a public place.
• Clothes should be appropriate, wear what you would on a normal day i.e. no pyjamas or beach wear.
• Report any concerns to the school office immediately (admin@oldfield.ealing.sch.uk)
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