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With the deep rooting of the global economy, business processes are squeezed with a challenge to interact and handshake globally. Given this scenario, enterprise applications have become more complex and composite applications have begun to show cumbersome and shabby loading nature, failing without notice even after rigorous testing process. This failure in production systems happen in a complex heterogeneous environment because systems are interacting with external systems like never before. To create or simulate a typical testing scenario which is global in nature, where third party applications would run one way is to test these applications. Yet failures happen as systems enter into new execution ecosystem where multiple systems race through highly buzzing network wires, where each competes to get its share, in fulfilling requests.
In this type of scenario, a new way of activation of business process is desired wherein constant design, development, continuous testing and deployment to production happens. Teams should be able to collaborate and roll out constantly. Five major accomplishments should be achieved when the aforementioned activity is enabled. When enabled, the industry is terming this as simply DevOps style or even agile. The five major accomplishments are:-
a. Being able to resolve major or minor errors, glitches or bugs needed to be resolved instantaneously and not wait for a
new release cycle.
b. Teams should be independently able to roll-out business processes without much effort, and time to roll-out such
business process should be considerably reduced.
c. Systems should be adaptable to changing business dynamics, positioning and strategies of the company and therefore,
pushing away businesses by giving future dates for activation of such business processes should be avoided.
d.Teams should be able to collaborate with distributed teams. Teams may originate from anywhere across the globe and
this provision must be given. No excuses should be given to the stakeholders.
e. Bringing up a failed system in production or making it run during a failure, even by operations working with
developments MUST be avoided and for that matter, production systems should ONLY be touched for any maintenance
For such an environment to be brought up, a slight shift in normal and traditional approaches need to take place. While deployments do happen through methodical and process oriented way within many enterprises, it is important to note that, a stable ecosystem mentioned above can be brought up within IT, only if you adopt a different culture and be able to accept the CHANGE. This CHANGE, in the way engineering is doing design, development and deploying today, is rapidly moving towards what is known as a DevOps environment.

The following questionnaire helps you know perhaps, where in the process are you and if you are moving in the right direction. A second opinion is to see what you will get here by completing the assessment form below. During the process, you will also get to know what are different questions one need to ask, during an DevOps implementation initiative we have done.
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Enterprise DevOps Implementation Assessment.
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Read the passage below.
A change within an enterprise is to say, we are all going to work too much. This need not be true always. About forty percent of enterprises, startups and others have all begun the change. This is happening everywhere. While many are in the transformation process, it is an ongoing task currently. Yes, it is easier said than done. But when you are a change agent, you begin at anytime and the only thing you think about is change. But an action has to be taken. There are companies who are making use of the cloud capabilities for their design, develop, test and deploy activities, there are companies who are using a hybrid approach and there are companies who are using everything locally. One major area you see in the cloud for the development process is the use of GITHUB. Applications are also using cloud service providers such as AWS, Google, Azure and OpenShit etc for their development environment and/or run-time. There are companies who are continuously deploying new business process every fifteen minutes and then there are also companies who are extremely fast in bringing in new tools. Having opensource technologies helps in time to roll-out new business process which meets new stringent complex requirements.
How does your release cycles look like?
On a range of 1 to 10, how would you rate your IT environment in planning for this shift that will bring a seamless engineering, design, develop and deploy environment? YOUR THOUGHTS. (1 being lower, 10 the greatest.)
Does the following quote apply to your IT environment?
Based on the text above, how does your company stand? *
Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are after you went through this assessment. Please feel free to open up and yell at me if needed. :) After all we are all here to share, learn and prosper. Let us build a good surrounding where one can "Imagine there is no heaven" and all the people are doing good work!. My best wishes to you. Please write your thoughts. This is the end of the questionnaire. Thank you So much for participating. Your assessment will be sent to you to the email you provided. My details in the next page.
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