Protect our academic freedom and due process at the University of Warwick - join Warwick UCU's call to save our statute!

Dear colleagues,

Under the leadership of its new VC, Stuart Croft, Warwick University is pushing ahead with changes to academic freedom and job security which would be the most fundamental change since the abolishment of tenure.

To replace the loss of tenure Warwick enshrined its commitment to academic freedom and due process regarding redundancy and dismissal in Statute 24, one of its governing instruments. VC Croft and Provost Christine Ennew now want to repeal and replace these statutory safeguards with HR policies which are much weaker and more vulnerable to unilateral management changes in the future. The proposed reforms will strip protections in place to protect academics from speaking up, questioning received wisdom and putting forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions.

With these changes academics working on less marketable topics may find themselves made redundant. Those working on politically unfavorable topics may need to change their research program for the sake of job security. Simply put, this new policy would make getting rid of academic staff easier. In the climate of Brexit and Trump we have all seen populist narratives prioritised over fact and analysis along with academic expertise derided and undermined in the political sphere and media. The correct response is for universities to protect their academics’ right to ask difficult questions and challenge populist narratives, bad policies and ill-informed arguments -- not to undermine them.

The most serious consequence of the proposed changes is that future changes to our employment policy could be decided on by HR/Senior management without the involvement of any academic staff. This is to be contrasted with our current safeguards under statute which cannot be changed without the consent of the Privy Council, the highest governing bodies of the university.

Therefore we ask you, whether you are at Warwick or in solidarity with us from afar, to sign this petition and demand that:

1) Rather than leading a race to the bottom, the University of Warwick sets a positive example by developing an employment statute that demonstrates its exemplary commitment to academic freedom and secure employment. This will require more of the protections on redundancy and serious disciplinary matters to be kept within Statute and the related Ordinances and the oversight of Council and Senate

2) Council does not to approve any changes until they have the support of all the affected parties i.e. those staff currently covered by Statute, the recognised trade union for this staff group, Heads of Department and Senate.

595 Signatories (displayed list is updated manually and periodically, your signature won't appear immediately):

Luke Martell, University of Sussex
Tim Bruno, University of Maryland, College Park
Jack Saunders, University of Warwick
Kedy Edme, Northwestern University, Chemistry
Ajay Chandra, University of Warwick
Robin Brown, University of Salford
Marijn Nieuwenhuis, University of Warwick
Leon Sealey-Huggins, University of Warwick
Rajinder Mavi, Michigan State University
Liam Simmonds, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
Charlotte Heath-Kelly, PAIS, University of Warwick
Kevin Purdy, University of Warwick
Izaak Tyson-Hirst, University of Warwick
Nate Tkacz, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
Mark Carrigan, The Sociological Review
Matt Dawson, University of Glasgow
Julie Scanlon, Northumbria University
Laura Tucker, University of Warwick
Dr. Justine Mercer, University of Warwick (UCU Branch President)
Lewis Hammond University Of Warwick
Claudia Blindauer, University of Warwick
Chris Clarke, PAIS, University of Warwick
Helmut Schmitz, University of Warwick
Nicola Pratt, PAIS, Warwick
Lisa Tilley , University of Warwick
Michael Niblett, University of Warwick
Karen Simecek, University of Warwick
Andrea Klaus, University of Warwick
Tony Liddicoat, University of Warwick
Dr Douglas Morrey, University of Warwick
Dominic Kelly, University of Warwick
Lucy Mayblin, University of Warwick
David Roper, University of Warwick
Dr Dallal Stevens, University of Warwick
Sandra Chapman, University of Warwick
Adam Johansen, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick
Georg Löfflmann, University of Warwick
Alexandra Homolar, University of Warwick
Professor J E Smyth, University of Warwick
Rochelle Sibley, University of Warwick
Professor David Lambert, University of Warwick
Dr Richard Smith, University of Warwick
Maria do Mar Pereira, University of Warwick
Nick Hewlett, University of warwick
Thomas Docherty, University of Warwick
Rebecca McDonald, University of Warwick
Sharifah Sekalala, University of Warwick
Bene Bassetti, University of Warwick
Duncan Adam, University of Warwick (UCU Branch Vice President)
Rudolf A Römer, Department of Physics, University of Warwick
Camillia Cowling, University of Warwick
Liz Morrish, Independent Scholar
Renske Doorenspleet, University of Warwick
Morgaine Merch Lleuad, Open University
Louise Cummings York, St John University
Jamie Melrose, University of Bristol
Sara Trevisan, University of Warwick
Natasha Constantinidou, University of Cyprus
Rebecca Gould, University of Bristol
Fanis Missirlis Cinvestav - Mexico City
Manuela Galetto, University of Warwick
Maria Ryan, University of Nottingham
Sara Mills, Emeritus Professor, Sheffield Hallam University
Yiannis Gioukas, Univ. Of Warwick
Pam Lowe, Aston University
Kirsten Forkert, Birmingham City University
William Edmondson, University of Birmingham
Aidan Byrne, University of Wolverhampton
Helen Wheatley, University of Warwick
Stephen Butterfill, University of Warwick
Geoff Savage, Aston University
Greg Swadener, Aston University
Ray Carson, Aston University
Dr Qinguo Zheng, Aston University
Kerstin Treder, Aston University
Rhein Parri, Aston University
Luc Boutsen, Aston University, Birmingham
Simon Turner, University College Birmingham
Caroline Long, Aston University
Nicci MacLeod, Aston University
Victoria Uren, Aston University
Suzanne Simcock, Aston University
Dr Sarah-Jane Page, Aston University
Ken Edwards, University of Leicester
Michael D Coleman, Aston University
Jeff Perry, University College Birmingham
Michele Robins, Aston University
Paul Matthews, University College Birmingham
Nunung Nurul Hidayah, Aston University
D J Carpenter, Aston University
Prof. JB Talcott, Aston University
Dr Annette Rubery, Aston University
Sian Williams, University College Birmingham
Craig Gent, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
Richard Terry, Aston University
Andrew Rutherford, Keele University
Sudeshna Bhattacharya, Aston University
Dana Rosenfeld, Keele University
Peter Fletcher, Keele University
Frank Rutten, Keele University
Graeme Jones, Keele University
Kay Magaard, University of Birmingham
Neil Turner, Keele University
Anne O'Brien, Keele University
Alena Audzeyeva, Keele University
Jaqckie Waterfield, Keele University
Tricia Dawson, Keele University
Marty Corcoran, Keele University
Mary Corcorna, Keele University
Phil Mizen, Aston University
Sarah Pymm, Aston University
Guy Clarkson, Warwick University
Nick Bentley, Keele University
Diego Garro, Keele University
Olga Castro, Aston University
Laurent Gatto, University of Cambridge
Catherine Lamond, University of Wolverhampton
Justin Cruickshank, University of Birmingham
Ioana Cerasella Chis, University of Birmingham
Lisa Kalayji, University of Edinburgh
Josh Robinson, Cardiff University
Richard Hall, De Montfort University
John Lyons, University of Bristol
Celine Tan, University of Warwick
Hitomi Tobe, Keele University
Pankaj Mistry, University of Warwick
Catherine Parker, University College Birmingham
Mark Turner, Keele University
Rajmil Fischman, Keele University
Jody Harlowe, Keele University
Jim Austin, University of Keele
Ant Sutcliffe, Keele University
Kim Major, Keele University
James Brown, Aston University
Artie Prendergast-Smith,
Gabriel Siles-Brugge, University of Warwick
Dr Cristina Marinetti, Cardiff University
Paolo Coppo, University of Warwick
Philip Morgan, Keele University
Richard BUdd, Liverpool Hope University
Rachel Lewis, University of Warwick
Juanita Elias, University of Warwick
Mark Lee, University of Birmingham
Peter Balfe, University of Birmingham
Antonio M. Sánchez, University of Birmingham
Marios Hadjianastasis, University of Birmingham
Dan Whisker, Newman University
Jane Sjoberg, University of Birmingham
Ryan Ottridge, University of Birmingham
Raymond Reynolds, University of Birmingham
Gemma Masson, University of Birmingham.
Ellie Gore, University of Birmingham
Andy Jolly, University of Birmingham
Stephen Pattison, University of Glasgow
John Tellam, University of Birmingham
David White, University of Birmingham
Michael Toolan, University of Birmingham
Ben Mechen, University of Birmingham
Colin Thain, University of Birmingham
Philip Jones, University of Nottingham
Naomi Standen, University of Birmingham
Theron Muller, University of Toyama
Miguel Beistegui, The University of Warwick
Qulsom Fazil, University of Birmingham
Carole Sparke, University of Birmingham
Amarjit Sathi, University of Birmingham
shaheena bakhshov, QMUL
Sarah Colvin, U of Cambridge
Chris Wagstaff, University of Birmingham
Georgina Fitzgibbon, University of Birmingham
Stephen Wilson, University of Strathclyde
David Nelson, University of Strathclyde
Simon Hunter, University of Strathclyde
Scott Hayward, University of Birmingham
Brian WJ McNeil, Strathclyde University
Paul Hewer, Strathclyde University
Jesús Rodero, University of Strathclyde - Glasgow
Geoffrey Humble, University of Birmingham
Sue Blackwell, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Caroline Holland, The Open University
Jane Pitcher, University of Strathclyde
Gabriel Barrenechea, University of Strathclyde
Helen Baigrie, University of Strathclyde
Stephanie Wynne-Jones, University of York
marco castellani, university of birmingham
Ilse Wührer, Keele University
Nicholas Hunter, University of Birmingham
Alastair Wilson, University of Birmingham
Mark Summerfield, University of Birmingham
Andrew Olson, University of Birmingham
Heba Lakany, University of Strathclyde
Des McGhee, Honorary Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
Ray Bush, University of Leeds
Steven Emery, University of Birmingham
Conrad James, University of Birmingham
Dr. Deborah Kerfoot, Keele University
John Fitch, Retired; University of Bath & NUIM
Laura Shand, University of Hull
Mustafa Coban, University of Birmingham
Harry Stopes, University College London
Laura Newman, King's College London
Donald Nicolson, University of Strathclyde
Cai Wilkinson, Deakin University, Australia
Ross Abbinnett, Birmingham University
Aileen McHarg, University of Strathclyde
Debbie Epstein, University of Roehampton
S Wood, University of Birmingham
Rowena Burton, University College Birmingham
Sheeba Rosewilliam
Paul Hubert, University of Kent, UCU
David McKee, University of Strathclyde
Hannah Boast, University of Birmingham
Christopher Wain, Keele
Alan Kennedy, University of Strathclyde
Biza Stenfert Kroese, University of Birmingham
James Davenport, University of Bath
Richard Woodall, University of Sheffield
Dr Charlotte Beyer, University of Gloucestershire
Rich Woods, University of Gloucestershire
Pekka Pitkanen, University of Gloucestershire
Frank Chambers, University of Gloucestershire
D.D. Johnston, University of Gloucestershire
Julie Paterson, University of Gloucestershire
Julian Padget, University of Bath
Alan Robertson, University of Strathclyde
Joanne Smith Finley, Newcastle University
Sara Jabbari, University of Birmingham
Caroline Pennock, University of Sheffield
Fiona Carmichael, University of Birmingham
Dr Huayi Huang, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick
Ann Dixon, University of Warwick
John Holford, University of Nottingham
Peter M Jones, University of Birmingham
John Rogerson, Coventry University
Eliot Hough, Keele University
John Rabone, University of Nottingham
Michael Sackin, University of Leicester (retired)
Penny Welch, University of Wolverhampton
Linda MacKay, University of the West of Scotland
Darcy Luke, University of Birmingham
George Meszaros, Warwick University
Catherine Lester, University of Warwick
Dr Kayte Stokoe, University of Warwick
Christian Smith, Independent
Monica White, University of Nottingham
Andrew Hollyhead, Birmingham City University
Deborah Biggerstaff, University of Warwick
Cathy Hampton, University of Warwick
Geraldine Thorpe, London Metropolitan University (retired)
Anne Emerson, University of Nottingham
Daniel Katz, University of Warwick
Marion Hersh, University of Glasgow
Ben Plumpton, University of Leeds
Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko, University of Nottingham
Billy Dasein, University of Birmingham
Stuart Farquhar, University of Wolverhampton
Erica Fudge, University of Strathclyde
David Bailey, University of Birmingham
David Clover, The Open University (retired)
Dr. Michael Pigott, University of Warwick
John Hughes, University of Gloucestershire
Nicola Sutherland, University of Strathclyde
Aurelia Robert, Aston University
Dr Eno Maycock, Coventry University
Ken Fero, Coventry University
Jill Timms, Coventry University
James Berriman, Coventry University
Marina Orsini-Jones, Coventry University
Roxani Athousaki, Coventry University
David Ridley, Coventry University
Luca Morini, Coventry University
Benet Vincent, Coventry University
Kamila Kuc, Senior Lecturer
Holly Vass , Coventry university
Mark Holmes, Coventry University
Robert Bird, Coventry University visiting Masters Tutor at U of Warwick
Matthew Watson, University of Coventry
Sukhi Singh, Coventry University
Judi Atkins, Coventry University
Yvain Bruned, University of Warwick
Billy Brick, Coventry University
Monika Koehler-Ridley, Coventry University
Philippe Blanchard, Warwick
Carl Mills, Coventry University,
Margaret Jewel-Quirk , Coventry University
Douglas McCarrick, Coventry University
Walter Dean, University of Warwick
John Goodall, Coventry University
Gurnam Singh, Coventry University
Michael Rees, University of Wolverhampton
Kirsten Harris, Warwick
Kalwinder Sandhu, Coventry University
Bruno Frenguelli, University of Warwick
Tim Kelly, Coventry University
Anne James, Coventry University
Els Vsn Geyte, UoB
Glenn Noble, Coventry University
Janneke Adema, Coventry University
Prof Rosalind Searle, Coventry university
James Henry , Coventry University
Stephen Burwood, University of Hull
Kirstie Ball, University of St Andrews
Stephen Cowden, Coventry University
James Tabor, Coventry University
Nat Queen, University of Birmingham
Josh Brem-Wilson, Coventry University
Daniel Quinn, CU Coventry
Peter Conlin, Coventry University
Oluremi Olatunbosun, University of Birmingham
Dexter du Boulay, Coventry University
Sian Hindle, Birmingham City University
Sadhvi Dar, Queen Mary, University of London
Jacques Gallagher, Coventry University
John Owen, Aston University
Val Hill, Senior lecturer Coventry University
Ian Scott, Oxford Brookes University
Jeff Waistell, Oxford Brookes University
Sibel Taylor, Oxford Brookes University
Martin Randall, University of Gloucestershire
Christian Ehrlich, Oxford Brookes
P J Ward, Coventry University
Paul Rouse, Coventry University
Alan Smith, UCU
George Saxon, MA RCA
Neil Lazarus, University of Warwick
Eva Petermann, University of Birmingham
Emma Stringfellow, Coventry University
Maria Tareeb, CU Coventry
D Awang , Coventry University
Guy Huber, Oxford Brookes
M. Jahi Chappell, Coventry University
Stephen Broughton, Oxford Brookes University
Daniel Bell, Oxford Brookes University
Tim Goodall, University of Leeds
Imogen Jones, University of Leeds
Elena Issoglio, University of Leeds
Stuart Millington, Coventry University
Robert Vanderbeck, University of Leeds
Angelos Koutsourakis, University of Leeds
Professor Malcolm Povey, University of Leeds
Nina Wardleworth, University of Leeds
Lucy Rowland, University of Leeds
Steven French, University of Leeds
Clari Searle, Coventry University
Algy Kazlauciunas, University of Leeds
Sean Dyde, University of Leeds
Dr Andy Stafford, University of Leeds
Sam Durrant, University of Leeds
Sally-Anne Beverley, University of Leeds
Lea Salje, University of Leeds
Rachel Walls, University of Leeds
Alex Stead, University of Leeds
Lata Narayanaswamy, University of Leeds
Nick Efford, University of Leeds
Michael Daly, University of Leeds
Brendon Nicholls, University of Leeds
Barry Ewart, University of Leeds
Peter Storey, University of Leeds
Andy West, University of Leeds
Anna Fleming, University of Leeds
Wendy Calvert, University of Leeds
Mayeh Omar, Leeds University
Adrian Wilson, University of Leeds
Richard Bettie, University of Leeds
Lorna Lloyd, Keele
Professor John Rodgers, University of Leeds
Andrew Kilmister, Oxford Brookes University
ewan stefani, university of leeds
Lydia Lau, University of Leeds
Stephen Hay, University of Leeds
John Grahame, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds
Paul Micklethwaite, University of Leeds
David Parker, University of Leeds
Gill Nicholson, Coventry University
James Dickins, University of Leeds
Professor Linda Evans, University of Leeds
Gabriele Siemon, Coventry University
Valerie Leick,
Owen Radford-Lloyd, University of Leeds
Jorg Wiegratz, University of Leeds
Dr. K.V. Crawford, University of Leeds
Elio Di Muccio, University of Birmingham
Anna Clough, University of Leeds
penny halliday, teach at Oxford Brookes
Svetlana Aleksandrova, Coventry University
Franc Chamberlain, University of Huddersfield
Rebecca Jones, University of Birmingham
Garry Cooper-Stanton, Birmingham City University
MANSOOB MURSHED , Coventry University
Dr Andrew Thomas, University of Birmingham
Peter Gates, University of Nottingham
Sandor Z Nemeth, University of Birmingham
Mark Walkley, University of Leeds
Marina Vishmidt, Goldsmiths, University of London
Sarah Taylor-Harman, Brunel University
Professor Maryanne Dever, University of Technology Sydney
Clelia Boscolo, University of Birmingham
Dr Clodagh Brook, University of Birmingham
David Jackson , University of Leeds
Thomas Ryan, University of Warwick
Linet Arthur, Oxford Brookes University
Reinhard Huss, University of Leeds
Saladin Meckled-Garcia, University College London
Nigel Bubb, University of Leeds
Dr José A. Pérez Díez, University of Leeds
Geraldine Thorpe, London Metropolitan University (retired)
Emeritus Professor John RG Turner, University of Leeds
Andrew Evans, University of Leeds
Simon Smith , Coventry University
Furrukh Aslam, Ucu member and warwick uni alumnus
Aidan Westwood, University of Leeds
Perihan Yavash, Coventry University
Karen Ward, Coventry University
Isabel Morales Cowell, Coventry University
John Ramsden, University of Leeds
Sue Garton, Aston University
Joanna Bullimore, Queen Mary, University of London
Caroline Lee, Birmingham City University
Pat Spoor, University of Leeds
Valerie Dupont, The University of Leeds
Dan Coffey, University of Leeds
P Wilding, University of Leeds
Brian WJ McNeil, University of Strathclyde
Lesley McGorrigan,
Anita Dorsett, University of Leeds
Mark Taylor-Batty, University of Leeds
Carolyn Czoski Murray, University of Leeds
Ita Mac Carthy, University of Birmingham
Friederike Schlaghecken, Psychology, University of Warwick
Dr. Eileen Barrett, University of Leeds
Emma Bridger, Birmingham City University
Darryn Mitussis, Queen Mary University of London
Fiona Chapel, Academic related
Lisa Payne, Coventry University
Tony Navin, University of Gloucestershire
Dave Milne, University of Leeds
Geraldine Brady, Coventry University
Martin Findell, University of Nottingham
Lynda Holmes, University of Strathclyde
Aengus Ward, University of Birmingham
Evelyn Ruppert, Goldsmiths
Derek Harland, University of Leeds
gayle selby , Coventry university
Michael Gardiner, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Eleni Karagiannidou, University of Strathclyde
Inge Hill,, Birmingham City University
Chris Downs, University of Chichester
Elaine Mackie, Aston University
Alan Kemp, University of Strathclyde
Carole Watkins, Keele University
Aldo Mussi, Birmingham City University
Sebastiano Massaro, University of Warwick
Richard Lampard, University of Warwick
Stuart Elden, University of Warwick
Dominic O'Key, University of Leeds
Meurig Beynon, University of Warwick
Maria MacCallum, The University of Warwick
Dr Ranko Lazic, University of Warwick
Julian EASTOE, University of Bristol
Florian Theil, University of Warwick
Jonathan Davies, University of Warwick
Bishnupriya Gupta, University of Warwick
Alastair Smith, University of Warwick
Maria Roca Lizarazu, University of Warwick
Vera Troeger, University of Warwick
Marcin Jurdzinski, University of Warwick
Mark Storey, University of Warwick
Stan Shire, University of Warwick
David Mond, University of Warwick
Fiona Kitchen, University of Warwick
Giorgos Minas, University of Warwick
Filip Rindler, University of Warwick
Stephanie Schnurr, University of Warwick
Christopher Browning, University of Warwick
Andreas Dedner, University of Warwick
Robert Akerlof, University of Warwick
Derek Holt, University of Warwick
Dr Stefania Paredes Fuentes, University of Warwick
Christian Boehning, University of Warwick
Thijs van Rens, University of Warwick
James Robinson, University of Warwick
Gianna Boero, University of Warwick
John Langley, University of Southampton
Rachel Myers, University of Leeds
Jimmy Donaghey, University of Warwick
Claude Baesens, University of Warwick
Saul Schleimer, University of Warwick
Martina Salvante, University of Warwick
Thiemo Fetzer, University of Warwick
Juliane Reinecke, University of Warwick
Geetha Balakrishnan, University of Warwick
Professor Noel Whiteside, University of Warwick
Tim Burnett, Bangor University
Tilly Harrison, University of Warwick
Kimberley Scharf, University of Warwick
Johannes Angermuller, University of Warwick
Dr Ronny Scholz, University of Warwick
Gordon McJannett, Coventry University
Heike Behle, University of Warwick
Matthias Englert, University of Warwick
Ashley Tiffen, University of Cumbria
Peter Bratsis, City University of New York
Dr Douglas Spencer , University of Westminster
Oleg Pikhurko, University of Warwick
Luis Lobo-Guerrero, University of Groningen
Kurt Debattista, University of Warwick
Stephen Shapiro, University of Warwick
Reuben Rose-Redwood, University of Victoria
Couze Venn, Goldsmiths
Dr Claudia Stein , History Department, University of Warwick
Adam David Morton, University of Sydney
Dr Sean W Burges, Australian National University
Merav Amir, Queen's University Belfast
Thomas Marois, SOAS, University of London
Stefan Elbe, University of Sussex
Ruth Felder, University at Albany, State University of New York
Stefano Guzzini, Uppsala University, Sweden
Jonathan Davies , De Montfort University
Dr illan wall, University of Warwick
Dr. Shannon Brincat, Griffith University
Jeremy Green, University of Cambridge
Darren Dinsmore, University of Kent
Bruce E. Baker, Newcastle University
Marc Ventresca, University of Oxford
Damien Cahill, University of Sydney
Derek Sayer, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta
Patrick Neveling, SOAS, University of London
Yoke-Sum Wong, Lancaster University
Colleen Lye, UC Berkeley
Steve Mann, University of Warwick
Roland Rathelot, University of Warwick
Martin Lipman, University of Amsterdam
Pamela Shurmer-Smith, University of Portsmouth (retired)
Caroline Ackley, University College London
Bill Martin, DePaul University, Chicago
Kris Beicher, University of Leeds
Eszter Timár, Central European University
Rick Kilvington, University of Leeds
Philip Howell, University of Cambridge
Rachel Moseley, University of Warwick
Professor Rob Bryer, Warwick Business School
Teresa Degenhardt, Queen's University Belfast
Jason Eng Hun Lee, Hong Kong Baptist University
Martin Weinel, Cardiff University
Rhys Andrews, Cardiff University
Christian Henderson, SOAS
Robin Attfield, Cardiff University
Kate Houlden, Anglia Ruskin University
Sam Evans, Cardiff University
Jo Kilby, Cardiff University
Michael Waterson, University of Warwick
Steven Kettell , University of Warwick
Keith Leppard, University of Warwick
Anthony Ince, Cardiff University
Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick
Richard Gallagher, Keele University
Karen Kelsky, Founder, The Professor Is In
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes , University of Warwick
Alice Rees, Cardiff University
Marlo Alexandra Burks, University of Toronto
Charles Umney, University of Leeds
Iorwerth Thomas, University of Exeter
Philippe Foret , Nazarbayev University
Christian Koller, University of Zurich
Josefine Raasch , Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Berenice Guyot-Rechard, King's College London
Christopher Haworth, University of Birmingham
Sara Wilford, De Montfort University
David Lewis-Baker, Warwick (Retired)
Mary A. Knighton, Aoyama Gakuin University
Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University
Brian Lander , Harvard University
Tara Mulqueen, University of Warwick
Jory Debenham, Birmingham City University
Dr Julia Brettschneider, University of Warwick
David Thomas, Birkbeck College
Panikos Georgallis, University of Surrey
Connor Woodman, University of Warwick
Uma Kotwal, University of Warwick (student)
Benjamin J. Muller, King's University College, Canada
Benjamin J. Muller, King's University College, Canada
Nick Bailey, Cardiff University
Benjamin J. Muller, King's University College, Canada
Rory Rowan, University of Zurich
Sue Wharton, University of Warwick
Simon Horton, University of Warwick Alumni
Ben Davies, University of Portsmouth
Kevin Cahill, University College Cork, Ireland
Dr Caroline Wright, University of Warwick
Anke Bernau, University of Manchester
Helen Hills, University of York
Katrina Easterling, University of Winchester
Jan Foniok, Manchester Metropolitan University
Glyn Parry, University of Roehampton
Georgina Jackson , University of Nottingham
Sioned Pearce, Cardiff University
Jeremy Page, University of Sussex
John Drummond, Dundee University
Nicki Hitchcott, University of St Andrews
Prof David Lane, University of Reading
Martin Ward, De Montfort University
Carol Bailey, University of Wolverhampton
Vidar Melby, Ulster University
Quentin Outram, University of Leeds
Serban Lepadatu, University of Central Lancashire
Professor Mark Cowling , Teesside University (retired)
Dr Stuart Hanson, De Montfort University
Nicholas Gebhardt, Birmingham City University
Laura Povoledo, University of the West of England
Stefan Grosskinsky, University of Warwick
Lara Atkin, UCD
Dr Tim Reinke-Williams, University of Northampton
Professor Dennis Leech, Warwick University
Víctor Durà-Vilà, University of Leeds
Herakles Polemarchakis, University of Warwick
Tony Brown, University College London
Vashti Galpin, University of Edinburgh
Sutha Nadarajah, SOAS, University of London
Oliver Buckley-Mellor, University of Warwick
Marianna Beltrami, University of Warwick
Tom Hayton, Uni of Warwick
Michael Man, University of Warwick
Pinar Donmez, Central European University
Carrie Roberts , University of Warwick
Raia Apostolova, Central European University, Budapest
Andres Moles, Central European university, Budapest
Hunia, University of Warwick
Mike Finn, University of Warwick
Françoise Walot, Birmingham City University
Nickie Charles, University of Warwick
Tom Maidment, University of Warwick
Kyle Withers, University of Warwick French SSLC
Julian Braun, University of Warwick
Surabi Chandirasekaran, University of Warwick
Dmitry Chistikov, University of Warwick
Meher Khushal , University of Warwick
Thomas Soud, University of Warwick
Tamana Gulati, University of Warwick
Noortje Marres, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
Norman Jope, University of St Mark & St John
Andrew Sargent, Keele University
L Bryan, Aston University
Alan Whitaker, Lancaster University
Luke Yates, University of Manchester
Stefan Adams, University of Warwick
Sarah Lockwood, University of Strathclyde
Dawn Eubanks, University of Warwick
Paul Marginson, University of Warwick
Tiffanie Gould, Psychology, University of Warwick
Adrian Rixon, Cardiff University
Esther Rzewski, University of Warwick
Fay Niker, University of Warwick
Alexandra Zierold, University of Warwick
Neil Thomson, University of Leeds
John Connolly, University of Strathclyde
Bruce Gilbert, Bishop's University
Gwyneth Lonergan, University of Sheffield
Arianna Tassinari, University of Warwick, WBS
Michael Terry, Warwick University
Luke Evans, University of Warwick
Neacal Pòl Cailean de Gloucester, University of Coimbra
Tomaso Ferrando, Assistant Professor Warwick Law School
Marie Dams, University of Warwick (student)
Yulia Balogh,
Tiziana Cervi Wilson, Coventry University
John Rogerson, Coventry University
Anne James, Coventry University
Andrew Perchard, Coventry University
S Mansoob Murshed, Coventry University
Simon Smith, Coventry University
Holly Vass, Coventry University
Dr Lynsey McCulloch, Coventry University
Gordon Crawford, Coventry University
John N Karadelis, Coventry University
Simon Pipe, Coventry Universal
Luca Morini, Coventry University
Andrew Beck, Coventry University
Bjorn Stinner, University of Warwick
Joy Monkhouse, Coventry University
Irene Sotiropoulou, Coventry University
Lauren Hurrell , University of Warwick
Nigel Trodd, Coventry University
Andrew Blanks, University of Warwick
Jan Brosens, University of Warwick
Nicholas Waterfield, Warwick Medical School
Jonathan Millar, University of Warwick
Erika Kispeter, University of Warwick
Dan Brown, University of Warwick (Student)
Ellen Smith-Dennis, University of Warwick
Cameron Barker, University of Warwick
Cassandra Azumah, University of Warwick
Richard Coton, University of Warwick
Yusef Atta, University of Warwick
Sam Tollitt, University College London
Joseph Attard, King's College London

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