Green World 2015: Green Party Policy Survey

Despite over a quarter of a million people signing a petition, the biased media have still failed to invite The Green Party to live TV leader debates ahead of the general election in May 2015.
The people of the UK have a right to know about their voting options. By completing the following simple, fast survey, YOU can get a feel for "green" values and also help "Green World 2015" to raise awareness in the policy areas that matter to you! Now that is REAL democracy! Thank you for your time and power to the people!!

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    Keep NHS public
    Robin Hood Wealth Tax
    Democracy For All
    Referendum and Reform on Europe
    End Zero Hour Contracts
    Protect Nature
    Anti Austerity
    Living Wage
    Control Air Pollution
    Stop HS2
    Science Funding
    Rent Controls & Tenants Rights
    Anti Racism
    Better Public Transport
    Rules on Media Ownership
    Land Value Tax
    Free Education
    Stopping Corporate Tax Dodgers
    Renationalise Railways
    Action on Climate Change
    Anti Fracking
    Scrapping Trident
    Promoting Walking and Cycling
    Trade Union Rights
    Stopping TTIP
    Drug Law Reform
    Animal Rights
    Wealth Tax on top 1%
    Taxing Empty Homes
    Voting Reform
    Anti Nuclear
    LBGBTIQ Rights
    100% Renewable Energy ASAP
    Regulating Banks
    Growth of Green Sustainable Economy
    Healthy Food Production
    Water Security
    Anti Military Interventions
    Reduce Inequality/Poverty
    Supporting Local Economies
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