WIMA - USA 2020/2021 Membership
Please complete the following to join WIMA - USA. Your information will not be shared with any entity, and will only be used for communication purposes for your membership.

To purchase a Sisterhood Membership, simply send $5 via PayPal to the WIMA USA account using our email address info@wima-usa.com. Your stickers will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks (our apologies for the slow process which we hope will improve soon).

Thanks so much for joining us!
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If selecting sisterhood membership, please paypal $5 via friends and family to info@wima-usa.com and provide your full mailing address in the optional question below.
Full Mailing Address if enrolling with a Sisterhood Membership (which includes stickers)
Please Paypal Info@WIMA-USA.com $5 as friends and family or contact Info@WIMA-USA.com for other payment options.
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