Gehenna Gaming ST/GM Application
Thank you for your interest in running games for Gehenna Gaming. Please fill out this questionnaire to help us better understand you and your game style. Once you've submitted this form will be in touch with questions and to schedule a one-shot with you and us as players.
Can you run local or online games? *
Availability *
Please fill this out based on your own time zone. We'll ask for that information later in the application.
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What games are you interested in running? *
If "Other," please list any and all games you'd be interested in running.
(Please keep in mind we're a horror game-focused organization)
What style of game are you most experienced in running?
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How many years and games have you STed/GMed? *
Please specify for each system like so: "Vampire the Masquerade - 5 years" etc.
What themes do you like to incorporate into your game? *
Try to stick to one/two-word examples (Grimdark, Combat-Heavy, Political, Personal Horror, etc.). If you run a variety of systems, list them per game please.
How do you familiarize yourself with the setting/city/region your games are set in? *
For example, do you pour over maps & wikipedia articles when setting a game in a real city, or do you make it up as you go?
How much planning do you put into your individual sessions? *
How much of your story is based on the player characters' backstories, versus GM-determined plot? *
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