F.I.A.T. Interest Survey
The goal of F.I.A.T. is to serve the Wives and Moms of young children in the East Mountains and help them to grow in their relationship with God. In order to do that we need help discovering what your spiritual needs are and when you are available to participate in F.I.A.T. activities and studies.

Please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts so we can give you what you need!
(your answers will be anonymous). You can also e-mail us with suggestions or questions any time at eastmountaincatholic@gmail.com and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter --> www.tinyurl.com/FIATnewsletter

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Please rank your interest in the following F.I.A.T. activities...
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Bible Study
Book Discussion
Opportunities to gather with other parish families
Speakers on special topics
Marriage enrichment
Children's Adoration
Prayer groups
In what ways can F.I.A.T. support you and/or your family as you grow in your faith and lead your family to God?
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