Bid to host the 15th EATEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning in 2019
EATEL has opened a call for bids to host the 15th EATEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning 2019.

Deadline: Interested organisations should submit their bid by October 8, 2018 by filling in this form.

Location requirements:
• accessible location (international airport within one-hour drive, flights from major European hubs)
• attractive location (major touristic attractions nearby, ideally both recreational and cultural)
• safe location

Venue requirements:
• reliable WIFI for up to 60 participants
• one conference room for 60 participants
• one workshop room for 25 participants
• accommodation for 30–40 (flexible) participants in double-occupancy rooms
• accommodation for 20–30 (flexible) participants in single occupancy rooms
• full board
• availability for 7 days and 7 nights
• sports facilities at the venue and / or beach in immediate proximity

Logistics requirements:
• Conference rooms, accommodation and restaurant have to be in immediate proximity, i.e. in a single venue. A 15-minute walking time between locations is not acceptable.

Academic support requirements:
• local TEL-research group
• disseminate the event locally and on a national level
• organize one or several sessions
• local PhD students attend the event

Sponsoring opportunity:
• co-sponsoring of the event (e.g., by printing materials, sponsoring gala dinner or providing scholarships for own PhD students)

Requirements for excursions:
• Full-day Sunday excursion including lunch (visiting one or several natural / cultural attractions preferably not in a large city)
• Half-day Wednesday afternoon excursion ending with a gala dinner (visiting one or two natural / cultural attractions preferably including a walk in a city with 1-2 hours of free time)

When designing the budget, consider that the financial management of the event will be done by EATEL. The event is not meant to make profit. The academic program is provided free of charge. We try to keep summer school fees under €700/participant including full board, accommodation in a double occupancy room (two participants of the same gender share a double room), excursions, gala dinner and printed materials.

Please address any specific questions you may have about preparing a bid to Mikhail Fominykh

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Provisional budget to cover costs for local organisation: (1) conference rooms and coffee breaks, (2) accommodation, (3) full-board with an optional welcome event, (4) two excursions and gala dinner, (5) printed materials (program, name-tags, t-shirts). Other necessary local organisation costs can also be included if necessary. *
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