Data practices and challenges
What type of data does your organization collect and do you make the most out of it?
Italian nonprofit organizations do not collect information only about their efficiency, impact and internal functioning but, in the framework of their projects, they also collect critical data about beneficiaries, infrastructures, services, laws etc. If openly shared, this data could offer important insights to foster social change on the issues that matter.
Despite the growing urgency to advance the current state of data and analytics use in the nonprofit sector, the management and dissemination of open data are still laborious and cost intensive. The participation of Italian NGOs in existing open data initiatives (such as Humanitarian Data Exchange, OpenAfrica etc.) is almost non-existent and very limited data has been collected regarding possible barriers for nonprofit organizations in making the most out of the data they collect.

This short survey is addressed at professionals working for Italian nonprofit organizations.
Its aim is to start a conversation about open data and its benefits for the sector.
Please note that:
- The survey is anonymous and it should not take more than 10 minutes;
- You can answer in Italian or English;
- All open-ended questions are optional;
- Aggregate results could be openly shared.
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