PHS Class of 2022 Graduation Night Party Waiver
The senior, listed below, plans to attend Panther Celebration and understands the following rules and requirements for Panther Celebration:

Attire will be in line with the current school dress code.

The senior/their guest must arrive to Pin Stack - Austin between 11pm and Midnight on June 2nd. The doors will close at midnight and no one will be allowed to enter after that point.

The senior/their guest agrees to leave bags in their vehicle or at home. No bags are allowed in the party.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in the party. If any weapons are found on a student/guest, it will result in the ejection of that person from the party.

All partygoers will be picked up promptly at 5am from Pin Stack - Austin if they are not driving.

Travis County Police will be on site all night and reserve the right to inspect/search persons in the same manner and under the same circumstances as necessary during school hours/activities.
I understand that Panther Celebration on June 2 is a fun evening, but accidents can happen. I release PfISD, PHS, and Panther Celebration from all liability.

All partygoers agree to behave as they would at school and they understand any behavior that is illegal, out of alignment with the school code of conduct, or is otherwise dangerous, will result in the student being ejected from the party.

All partygoers understand that being under the influence of drugs, including but not limited to alcohol, will mean they cannot enter the venue. If drugs or alcohol are found on a student/their guest, this will result in that person being ejected from the party.

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I, the PHS Class of 2022 senior, agree to the rules listed above. *
I, the PHS Class of 2022 senior, agree not to bring a bag, not to bring a weapon, agree to abide by the school dress code, and abide by the school code of conduct. *
I, the PHS Class of 2022 senior, agree to have a great time at the party. *
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