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COVID-19 Safety Considerations
We recognize that with celebrants operating across the world, there will be some countries in which cases of COVID-19 are at a low enough level that physical events are permitted. If planning a physical event, we ask that you consider the following:
- Limit the event to just speakers and essential logistics or communications staff. Events with audiences are not encouraged;
- Masks should be worn by any attendee who is not speaking;
- Maintain 2M social distancing between speakers and attendees at all times;
- Where events contain a physical component, the ability to attend virtually should be offered for any individual or speaker who may wish to, whether for reasons of personal health conditions or preference;
- Always comply with national and local government guidelines on physical events.
Will your event be held virtually or in-person? *
If your event has a physical component, please detail the steps you will take to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and social distancing are maintained.
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