Poll on in-game Drop Sounds and Loot Filter's issues
This poll will help in figuring out current in-game loot sounds issues (if any) and how to deal with them.
Which "Channel Count" value you have in the game's Settings ("Sound" tab)? *
Do you have Sound Effects Volume turned on? *
Did you had moments when valueable items dropped without item filter's Alert Sound? *
Did that happen in any of those conditions?
Does your item filter use Shaper-Voiced Orb Annoucements? *
Does your item filter use Sound Positioning (PlayAlertSoundPositional)? *
Do you want to hear default drop sounds for items (those are not filter's alert sounds) if they don't cause any issues? *
Would you like too see in-game UI setting like "Drop Sounds Mode" with above-mentioned options? *
Would you like too see that UI setting ("Drop Sounds Mode") at filter's customization/editing tools? *
What item filter(s) do you use?
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