WMHS Hall of Fame Nomination
Alumni Student-Athletes:
-Must have been graduated from WMHS for at least 5 years.
-Must have lettered in the sport they are being inducted for.
-Have achieved some outstanding achievements in that sport. Outstanding athletic achievements may include, but are not limited to the following honors: All American, State Champion (individual or team), State Record Holder, All State or equivalent (first team, second team, honorable mention), Accomplishments at a major college or university or professional level, Conference Player of the Year, Conference or WMHS record holder, All County or All Area recognition, WMHS Athlete of the Year.
-Have represented WMHS in a positive fashion both as an undergraduate and alumnus.

-Must have coached a sport at WMHS for a minimum of 5 years.
-Must have completed coaching at WMHS at least 5 years prior to induction or have reached age 60.
-Must have demonstrated an unusually high level of success in the sport for which they are being considered as measured by wins, league championships, success in regional and state competition, and respect given to the coach by peers, athletes, parents, and administration.

-Have demonstrated outstanding achievement at WMHS at least 5 years prior to induction.
-Outstanding achievement may include, but is not limited to, the following honors: State Champion, Regional Champion, District Champion, Conference Champion, 1st Team Academic State Championship.

Other Individuals:
-In extraordinary cases, by votes of the Hall of Fame Committee, WMHS community members and former athletes may be admitted for membership without satisfying the stated requirements.
-Contributors to WMHS athletics who were not graduates, student athletes, or coaches are also eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame based on their contributions to the athletic department if they are 5 years removed from employment at WMHS or have reached age 60.
-Respected WMHS alumni who have earned a varsity letter and bring honor to their alma mater by making significant contributions to society in their chosen field are eligible.
-Conducted themselves in a fashion such as to bring credit to WMHS athletics.

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