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Thanks for your interest in coaching. Before acceptance into any VIP Intensive or Multi-session Coaching program, we do a 15 minute Inquiry Session by phone, with Kala to ensure a 100% win-win + perfect fit. I understand that by filling out this application, I am requesting to be considered for a coaching package w/ Kala (Vivinne Williams.) At this point in time, I understand I am showing interest only in the program and am under no obligation to join or make payment.

I understand that if I am accepted and choose to enroll, a payment contract* (supplied after the free Inquiry Session,) will be sent out.
*All program limitations and conditions will be spelled out in contract, for your perusal.* Anything on this form is strictly confidential and won't be shared with anyone except by law.

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Tell me, what is your biggest difficulty or concern right now- that coaching could help?
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What do you think is your biggest obstacle in fixing that problem? What's stopping you or slowing you down??
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What is it costing you to NOT achieve your goals, vision? Be specific and consider in terms of lost money, time, relationships, family, health, and happiness.
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What changes would you like to see from our work together? How would you know it was a success?
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Please accept terms: I am mentally sound, and not suffering from any medical condition that would render me unable to think clearly and objectively.
Are you motivated, ready and able to invest in coaching support at this time?
Mentoring Session Booking & Payment:

has all the ways to work with me & current pricing. Do check it out before the call if you haven't already!
Namaste, Kala.

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By signing this form you acknowledge that any health/medical or psychological conditions have been checked by a physician or medical provider who provides you care. I do not prescribe medications or make diagnosis. Any suggestions are given in the spirit of sharing, from research and practical experience in traditional therapies of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine,) or Yoga, meditation & Ayurveda. You accept all responsibility for any injuries or harm in the course of doing these practices.
If my work seems like it would benefit you, you'll get a link via email to schedule our Inquiry Session from "!"
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