Wee County, Big Heroes: Time to Say Thank You
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the World around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make” (Jane Goodall).

Over the past year, Clackmannanshire people and third sector groups have exemplified this; striving each day to overcome the challenges this pandemic has brought and bring some good to people’s lives. Whether that has been through a friendly call, or much needed food support, our local third sector has proved itself to be resilient, innovative, and caring.

Now more than ever, CTSI, and local groups feel our local heroes need to be thanked, and so have decided to use the National platform of Volunteers’ Week (1st to 7th June) to shine a spotlight on our incredible local groups and volunteers via a social media campaign, and digital forms of recognition.

In previous years, we have asked you to nominate your volunteers/groups across ten different categories, however, this year, it doesn’t seem appropriate to single out volunteers/groups given the incredible contribution so many have made, and so EVERY volunteer/group nominated will be recognised through our social media campaign, and a digital certificate. The only exception to this will be regarding the Summit Awards – part of the Saltire Awards (recognising youth volunteers aged 12 to 25), each authority area has a limited number that can be awarded each year.

To make this year’s campaign a success, and ensure our volunteers and groups are thanked, we will be relying on your nominations for Individuals (Sandy’s Superheroes, or youth award via the Summit) and Groups/Projects (Innovation in the face of Adversity Award).
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Please Note
The information you supply will be used on the digital certificates sent to volunteers/groups. As such, please ensure all names and other information have the correct spelling, and you don’t use any abbreviations as we will not be able to duplicate certificates/awards.

If you are providing contact details for individuals, ensure they have given their permission for their data to be shared.
Printable Thank You Cards
We understand that some organisations may wish to show their appreciation to volunteers directly, and so CTSI will provide a printable Thank You card template should they wish to use this.

Please contact Louise at louise.orr@ctsi.org.uk or 01259 213 840 for a digital copy.
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