Build Your Online Presence
How do you represent yourself and your scholarship online? Do you actively cultivate an online presence? If so, how? If not, why?

The Digital Learning Commons is gathering data about the online presence and digital scholarship of Institute faculty in order to learn from those who may have established a robust digital presence and to help those who may have an interest in exploring how to build and grow their own sites and/or approach to digital scholarship.

Please help by filling out the following survey.

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To what extent do you use or contribute to the following digital sites, platforms, or media to digitally represent yourself or your scholarship?
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Do you regularly contribute to any other online spaces/forums/websites?
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How do you currently publish your work/findings/research?
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Which of the following are you interested in pursuing further?
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Would you like the opportunity to work on your online presence and digital scholarship with other like-minded faculty?
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We are grateful for your contribution and will use our findings to better create future opportunities for faculty to learn from and engage with one another.

Look for more in the next few weeks and throughout the semester in your email and at our website,

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