K-5 Social Studies Curriculum Survey
In response to teacher participants in recent professional development sessions, the Emerging America program of the Collaborative for Educational Services is drafting a K-5 curriculum to address the 2018 Massachusetts History and Social Science (HSS) Framework. These self-contained units aim to meet the needs of elementary school teachers for content-rich, inquiry-based lessons that address the major content topics and Practice Standards of the 2018 HSS Framework. Each set of lessons will be organized around a central question of student investigation.

Your response to this survey will help shape these materials and ensure that they are necessary and useful.

You may respond anonymously. If you choose, you may give us your contact information at the end.
1) Which best describes your role?
2) Current K-5 Social Studies Curriculum (Check the answer that best describes your school district.)
3) Please explain your answer in Question 2.
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4) If your district has chosen and/or put in place a K-5 curriculum, please identify it as best you can. (Eg. Give titles, publishers, topics, "designed by our teachers," etc.)
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5) What does your district most need to support K-5 Social Studies? (Rate each item.)
Vitally Important
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Professional development on content.
Professional development on methods.
Curriculum and associated resources.
Planning time to develop curriculum.
Classroom time to teach social studies.
6) How many minutes is the social studies designated to be taught each WEEK in each grade?
0 minutes
1-20 minutes
21-40 minutes
41-60 minutes
61-120 minutes
121 minutes to 4 hours
More than 4 hours per week
Independent course
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
7) Would you like to learn more about Emerging America's K-5 Social Studies curriculum?
8) Would your school or district like information on piloting Emerging America's K-5 curriculum?
9) How many K-5 teachers in your district [do you think] would likely sign up for low-cost, 1-day professional development in Social Studies in Summer 2020?
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11) OPTIONAL: Your School District
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12) OPTIONAL: Your Email Address
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