2019 Homeschool Initiative Survey
EPIC HOMESCHOOL NETWORK, INC. is conducting a needs assessment. Please submit feedback regarding your current home school status and the types of support services you feel will be beneficial to you and others. We will use this information to help our nonprofit determine the services we plan to offer at Epic Homeschool Network, Inc. Learn more about EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc. at www.epichsn.com or for membership information visit www.epichsn.org.
Which BEST describes your homeschool style? *
How many children do you homeschool? *
Age Range of Your Children *
How important are the following services to you? *
1 (Not Important)
2 (Less Important)
3 (Somewhat Important)
4 (Important)
5 (Extremely Important)
Scholarships to support my homeschool (help purchase materials, help my kids pay for college, etc.)
Monthly Field Trips
Weekly Activities
Online Academy or Learning Community (see https://epichsn.teachable.com/ for an example)
A Resource Room
Annual Yearbook
Workshops to Support Parents
Workshops to Support Homeschool Leaders
Book Club
Running Club
Annual Awards Ceremony at the End of the Year
Teen/Tween Club
How far are you willing to travel for homeschool support services? *
What social media networks do you use frequently? *
What other things would you like to see in a home school network/ support group?
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Are you a homeschool group leader? *
If you are a homeschool group leader, please enter your contact information such as your name and email so we can network.
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