E2Prodigy FSC provides San Antonio youth with multiple platforms for FUTSAL/SOCCER DEVELOPMENT. Thos medical release and waiver is applied for all e2prodigy programs and more. We have been granted the only Futsal DA training program in Texas, operate the only futsal league in San Antonio, we also provide one of the best competitive outdoor soccer club experience and private/1v1/group training lessons.

FUTSAL allows your child to improve and develop through the nature of the game. With improvement on technique, movement off the ball, decision making and tactical awareness. The speed of play, small condensed area, weighted ball and smaller sized goals allows us to be the host of "the fast pace game!"

Please fill out all information in order to successfully have your athlete registered to EKHLA AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM!

Join the movement, change the landscape. E2PRODIGY FSC!
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This letter acts as a confirmation that [participant name] is registered to train with E2Prodigy fitness and soccer development. Participants should bring with them a small towel, water, soccer ball (if applies), running/training shoes (always), soccer cleats (if applies) and appropriate clothing for each training session. We recommend that you put you / your child’s name on every personal item. E2Prodigy is not responsible for any lost or stolen registered to train with E2Prodigy fitness and soccer development. (PLEASE PRINT PARTICIPANT NAME BELOW) *
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I give permission that I/ my child may participate in training sessions at [location name] operated by E2Prodigy. I acknowledge and accept that the training session may expose myself/ my child to health or related risks. I acknowledge that there may be physically strenuous activities and certify that myself/my child is fit and capable of such participation. I understand that E2Prodigy is not responsible for any medical expenses associated with any personal injury that my child or I may sustain, and understand that E2Prodigy does not provide medical insurance for my child and I. I certify that I/my child is covered by adequate insurance to cover any personal injury which I/ my child may sustain while participating in this training session. *
In consideration of E2Prodigy providing the opportunity for myself/my child to participate in this training, I release E2Prodigy, its employees and representatives from any and all liability to my child and I, our personal representatives, estate, heirs, and assigns for any and all claims, demands and causes of action for any and all illness or injury to myself/ my child or personal items arising out of, during, or in any way connected with this training. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless, waive and covenant not to sue E2Prodigy, its owners, officers, employees, and representatives from liability for personal items, injury or death of any persons, or damage to property that may result from my/ my child's negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in the training. (PLEASE PRINT PARENT NAME(S) BELOW) *
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