Christian University Diversity and Inclusion Assessment
This assessment is completely confidential so please answer questions honestly.  Honest answers are required for accurate analysis of your responses.

As One defines diversity and inclusion based upon the G.R.A.C.E. acronym, first coined by Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, TX. This conception refers to the differences of gender (defined as male and female), race, ability, age, culture, and economic background.
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What is the name of your college/university? *
What is your current position at this institution? *
What diversity initiatives are you currently interested in? Check all that apply *
What has caused you to become interested in the diversity outcomes you selected? *
Based upon what you know about your college/university community, if you commit to more active pursuit of diversity and inclusion, what negative consequences may occur? Check all that apply. *
On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being extremely uncomfortable, 5 being neutral--neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, and 10 being extremely comfortable, how comfortable are you speaking publicly to your school leaders, faculty, staff, and students about diversity and inclusion?
Extremely uncomfortable
Extremely comfortable
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Has your institution ever hired a diversity & inclusion consultant or brought someone on campus to speak specifically about diversity and inclusion? *
If you answered yes, during his or her most recent visit/project what aspect(s) of diversity and inclusion did that person focus on?
During the past two school years, did your institution have any devotionals, chapel talks, or keynote speeches concerning diversity and inclusion? *
During the past two school years, has your school had any training for faculty and/or staff regarding diversity & inclusion? *
Does your school have a position dedicated to oversight of your school's diversity & inclusion work (like a chief diversity officer or diversity & inclusion director)? *
Have you personally read any books or articles on diversity and/or inclusion related issues within the past year? *
If you answered yes, what diversity and inclusion related books or articles did you read in the past year?
Does your school have a statement or section about diversity on its website? *
Did your college leadership issue a public statement or letter via the school's website, social media account or some other communications vehicle in response to the George Floyd murder? *
What is your current percentage of non-white students? *
What is your current percentage of non-white faculty? *
Does your institution currently have any faculty diversity committees? *
Does your school have any student affinity groups or clubs? An affinity group refers to a group of students with similar backgrounds, interests, or demographic factors such as gender or ethnicity. Examples include a black student group, Latina/o student group, Asian student group, Women's student group, or disabled student group. *
Does your whole school celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day? *
If answering yes to the last question, how does your school celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day?
Has your school ever administered a survey measuring the inclusivity (whether people of diverse backgrounds feel like they belong) of the school's climate? *
If you answered yes, who sponsored/wrote the survey and when was it administered?
Does your school celebrate any of the following? Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Women's History Month? *
If you answered yes to the last question, which of the above month(s) does your university celebrate? Please also provide an example of how the month is celebrated.
Does your school have any written policies and/or procedures in place for preventing or correcting negative comments or behavior related to differences (including physical ability, mental/cognitive ability, socioeconomic status, etc.)? *
If you answered yes to the question above, where are they found, and how have your stakeholders been made aware of them?
Does your institution or the church/denomination that governs/oversees your institution publicly support any particular political candidates in city, state, or national elections? *
Does your school make any special efforts to admit non-white students (for example, offer more financial aid, weight diversity higher when considering who to admit or set a percentage of desired diversity for incoming student classes, etc.)? *
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