Volunteer Signup - TVCA WinterBike Counts
November 13th-15th, 2018

Thank you for volunteering to help improve the transportation options for cyclists in Ada County!

The more data we gather on how cyclists actually use roads and pathways, the more we can improve the safety and enjoyment of the cycling experience in the Treasure Valley. This effort has already begun to help more than half a dozen other agencies and non-profit organizations guide their decisions around cycling.

As a volunteer for this project, we ask that you:
- Become familiar with the survey prior to counting
- Show up at your assigned location, within one of the optional time windows, prepared to count bicycles
- Submit your results back to us by the end of the month
- Counting one location is a huge help, but let us know in the comments if you have the time and interest to count more

If you have any additional questions or feedback please contact adabikecount@gmail.com.

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Each person will be assigned a specific location or intersection to count, and we'd like to make sure it's a spot that's convenient for you. In most cases, the location you count will be more important than which time slot you count in.
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We only need you to do the counts once, but they need to be done during one of the times listed below. In some cases we are actively trying to have more than one person in an area at a time (such as on both sides of a bridge over the Boise River), so knowing when you are available can have an impact on where we need to put you.
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