Preregistration Elfia Costume Parade Haarzuilens 2020
Register now and be sure you're a part of our Elfia Costume Parade. Do you have a self-made costume and are you really proud of it? Do you dare to step on stage and show your costume off to the people of Elfia and our judges? Take a chance and you might be rewarded with one of our prizes. We have the following prize categories:

- Best Craftmanship
- Best Original Design
- Best Cosplay
- Best Performance
- Great Promise
- Day Winner

By signing up for the costume parade right now you're not only sure of a spot during the parade, but you'll also get 1 minute on stage. You don't have to use the whole minute if you don't want to, but it gives you the possibility to show your costume while playing some music you've chosen yourself and you can choose to do an act. An act is optional, so no pressure!

The Costume Parade will take place at our Faire Stage from 14.00h - 15.00h.

If you have registered but find out you can't participate anyway, please let us know via an e-mail to
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