Rural STEM Collaborative Application
Please read over the application before beginning and be sure you are prepared to complete the entire application including uploading documents at the end.
Applicant Name
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Subject areas taught
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School Name
School District
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Demographics of the community (this can include statistics or a general description of the community)
What do you hope to gain personally and professionally as a participant in this program? (250 words max)
What are the primary STEM challenges facing the community that you teach in? How do those challenges impact the educational culture of your school? (250 words max)
Describe a time you took an asset-based approach to addressing issues in your classroom, school, or community? How did you identify those assets? How did you build upon them to reach your end goal? (300 words max)
What are your greatest strengths when working in a group setting? How do you help the group achieve its goals? (150 words max)
Please attach your current CV or resume.
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