Our Future student alliance - Club/Team Registration
Hi! We are glad that you are registering for the Our Future student alliance. Together we can make the world a better place for current and future generations. We are Our Future!

Getting started with the alliance is easy:
1) Register Here (using questions below)
2) There are also "Profile" questions below, and we will use that information to start your online profile.

Every school club (or team) that is a part of the "Our Future" student alliance will have their own profile on the Our Future website (www.ourfutureoregon.org). Please provide the information requested here so we can get you started right away. Once the profile is created you will be able to access it, to personalize it with images and update it as needed. You will be able to easily share projects, events, and other information about your club.

-> A sample profile can be found at: www.ourfutureoregon.org/sampleclub

NOTE: If you have any questions about this form (or anything else related to Our Future) please contact Partners for Sustainable Schools: Susanne Boling / susanneboling.pss@gmail.com / 541.221.3146

Club/Team Name: *
(If, for any reason, you do not have a club/team name, write "we don't have one.")
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School Name: *
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Mission *
What is your club or team's mission? (What is the purpose of having your club?)
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Student Leaders/Main Contacts (of your club or team):
(1) Please list at least two student leaders (main contacts), including their name, email and/or phone number. (2) Mark "listed" next to each person you would like publicly listed on your online profile (with or without their email/phone). NOTE: These are the students that will be called/emailed first, and they will be in-charge of regularly updating your online profile.
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Other Student Leaders (of your club or team):
Please list any other students you would like us to stay in contact with (e.g. events, activities, etc.). Include their name, email and/or phone number.
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Adult Advisor(s):
Who are your club or team's adult advisors? Please include their name, email and/or phone number.
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Profile - History:
Please include a brief history of your club/team. (Questions to consider: What year did it start? Why did students start it? What things has the club/team accomplished and when? Has the club/team been popular with students?)
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Profile - Club/Team Meetings Schedule:
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Profile - Projects/Events Planned for this year:
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Profile - Student(s) responsible for managing and updating your club/team profile.
(We strongly recommend that at least two students share this responsibility.)
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Social Media Links - Website or Page on School Website:
(This question is optional - let us know if you have your website!)
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Social Media Links - Facebook Page:
(If you have a Facebook page, we'll include that link on your profile so people can access it!)
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Social Media Links - Twitter:
(Does your club/team use Twitter? List that here, and we will create a link to that too.)
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Social Media Links - Instagram:
(Same as above - if you would like to share your Instagram photos/videos/etc.)
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Social Media Links - Other:
(Anything we missed?)
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Other Club/Team Information:
Is there any other important club/team information you would like to share with us?
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